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NFL Week 6 Survivor and Pick'em

NFL Survivor and Pick'em Selections for Week 6

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Survivor: Mea Culpa, Jamaal Charles went down and the Chiefs lost the one game that should have been a lock last week. 2/3 on the week.
Top 3 survivor picks for this week. 
1. New England over Indianapolis. The Patriots deny it but they have a small grudge over Deflategate. It will be closer than people think but they'll get the W.
2. Green Bay over Chargers. They are home and have showed no signs of slowing down. As good a pick as any.
3. Denver over Cleveland. Denver's defense is so good, it will shut down Cleveland.

Week 5 Results:
Straight: 9/13 (69%)
Spread: 6/12 (50%) Push on the Bills pick.

Week 6 Games:
Denver Broncos @ Cleveland Browns (Den -4)
Straight: Broncos in an ugly win.
Spread: Broncos aren't getting proper respect, their Defense will shut down Josh McCown as Denver covers.

New England Patriots @ Indianapolis Colts (NE -9)
Straight: Patriots will pull this off.
Spread: Colts do well at home covering the spread. I think they actually keep this one close.

Washington Redskins @ New York Jets (NYJ -7)
Straight: Jets                      
Spread: Too many injuries for Redskins - Jets cover the points.

Arizona Cardinals @ Pittsburgh Steelers (Ari -3)
Straight: Cardinals with a win over the Steelers  who are likely without Big Ben again.
Spread: Pittsburgh is a solid team but Cardinals will capitalize on some small mistakes by Vick as they cover the spread.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Minnesota Vikings (Min -4)
Straight: Vikings win over a Chiefs team who lost their core piece.
Spread: This is a tough one. I give the Vikings the edge on some good defensive play shutting down the Chiefs. Vikings cover the points.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Buffalo Bills (Cin -3.5)
Straight: Bengals continue their streak. 
Spread: An injured or no Tyrod Taylor allow the Bengals to cover 3.5 points here.

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions (Det -2.5)
Straight: Both teams have some reputable losses (Arizona, at Seattle for both teams, vs. Denver for Lions and vs. Green Bay for Bears). Bears win this one given the Lions benching Stafford.
Spread: Bears.

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars (Even)
Straight: Texans but man is this game a giant tossup. I don't have much faith in either offense. Jacksonville plays better at home but Texans have a slight edge on better team.
Spread: Texans.

Miami Dolphins @ Tennessee Titans (Ten -1)
Straight: Tennessee's offense looked good despite the loss last week. Give them the home edge.
Spread: Tennessee covers the 1 points spread behind Mariota.

Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks (Sea -7)
Straight: Seahawks continue their dominance at home where they are undefeated this season.
Spread: Carolina goes across the country to play their first notable opponent this season. Seahawks cover the 7 points spread as they come out amped up.

San Diego Chargers @ Green Bay Packers (GB -11)
Straight: Green Bay. Until they show any signs of slowing down, I'm sticking with them.
Spread: This one will be tricky but I think the Packers pull it off. Usually about 75% of NFL games fall within 10 points or less but this could be that 25% of games that don't.

Baltimore Ravens @ San Francisco 49ers (Bal -1)
Straight: Baltimore continues to push the run game as they win vs. 49ers.
Spread: With a 1 point spread the Ravens cover. 49ers have allowed 140 points this season or about 28pts per game. They are 2nd to last in points for this season.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles (Phi -4)
Straight: The final of quite a few potential good games this week. Eagles should shine at home.
Spread: Injuries to Giants receiving core will slow them down a bit. Philadelphia should cover the points.