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FanDuel DFS Football Cash Game Picks For Week 6

Robert is back to give you his FanDuel Cash Game picks for week 6.

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FanDuel: $2,000,000 Week 6 Fantasy Football League

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Enter the $2,000,000 Week 6 Fantasy Football League

  • Starts Sunday 1pm ET, ends Monday
  • $2,000,000 cash prize pool
  • First place wins $150,000
  • Top 90,800 teams paid, only $5 entry
  • Pick anyone you want - stay under the salary cap

FanDuel/SB Nation $2,000,000 Fantasy Football League: Week 6

Last week was a good one for my cash game picks. The players I recommended did there part, except Owen Daniels, in getting to our target point total. As we saw, the target point total, 120, was right where you needed to be in order to win in cash games last week. The players I listed got us a little bit more, ensuring a top 50 finish. This week we are looking for the same in our players, again with exception with that terrible TE pick last week. Looking at what has happened so far this year, and combining that with the matchups, I have come up with the players below.

I will give you a few options at positions, and then at the end say who I am going with for my main cash game lineup. Now let us jump into the picks. Players are listed by position, and then ordered by the ones I like most.


Tom Brady ($9,000) - I may rename him Cash Game Tom from now on. Hasn't seen a week yet where he was under 22 points. The Colts don't have a good defense, and its not like that even matters for someone like Brady. Expect another 20+ point performance here, and for all of his receivers to see a nice day as well.

Carson Palmer ($8,000) - While he hasn't been as good as Brady, Palmer also supplies a high floor for you to start your lineup. With his lowest score never going below 16, Palmer hasn't had a problem yet this year supplying double his salary. He did only throw the ball 14 times last game, but that was because of Matthew Stafford playing like you would expect him to play. Now that the Cardinals play against the Steelers, Palmer should be able to throw the ball more, and find similar success to what he has seen so far this year.

Running Backs:

Le'Veon Bell ($9,000) - Having Michael Vick as his QB hasn't hurt his value one bit. Defenses know what is coming, but Bell is just too talented for it to matter. He hurts you in so many ways that he has to be the first back you consider when forming a lineup. His price is still decent, however you will have to find a bargain WR to fit him in your lineup.

Eddie Lacy ($7,300) - Last week Lacy was a pick in my GPP lineup, but not a cash game play. I was right in thinking he was a high risk/reward option last week, as he fell on his face. This week is a different story though. His salary is falling at a rate similar to what we have seen for C.J. Anderson. There is a big difference between these guys though, Lacy has a better offensive line, and is actually being used in the offense. Lacy will regain his elite status this week against the porous Chargers defensive front.

Danny Woodhead ($6,000) - We saw the return of Antonio Gates last week, but that didn't matter for Woodhead. He was still able to put forth his solid, not spectacular, effort yet again. He has only had one game so far this year where he didn't provide value in comparison to his salary.

Wide Receivers:

Julian Edelman ($7,900) - I really don't have to say much about Edelman. Everything you need to know about him being suggested here has been said over the past few weeks. Until this price starts to reflect how good he actually is, he will continue to be listed.

Brandon Marshall ($8,000) - Surprisingly one of the most consistent receivers so far this season. He hasn't had a week yet where he was under 6 receptions, and has had only one week below 100 yards. Love the matchup this week, and the fact he is bringing with him a high floor is just gravy.

Larry Fitzgerald ($7,500) - Another guy who has been recommend each of the past few weeks. The Steelers pass defense hasn't looked great, and someone like Carson Palmer can pick apart that defense. Fitzgerald has been Palmer's go to guy, and Fitzgerald hasn't let him down. 6 TD's so far this season and 490 yards make him a terrific play at this price point.

Allen Robinson ($6,700) - The guy throwing him the football has far exceeded everyone's expectations. Even with the great play of Blake Bortles, Robinson finds himself grossly underrated by FanDuel. At this price, he is a cash game option, when normally you would consider him for tournaments. Going up against the Texans helps as well, as that team looks out of sorts.

Jamison Crowder ($5,500) - As long as DeSean Jackson is out, Crowder will get his targets. I think he is the best receiver on the team that is healthy, even ahead of Pierre Garcon, and I think Kirk Cousins agrees with me. Crowder has seen an increase in receptions each week for the past three weeks. While I doubt he has 9 receptions this week to keep the trend going, seeing him get 7 receptions for close to 100 yards is reasonable here. The Redskins will need to throw the ball to stay with the Jets in this game.

Tight Ends:

Rob Gronkowski ($8,200) - Did you expect me to recommend anyone else as my top TE play this week? I think you will find it hard to fit Gronk in for Cash Games, but if you cut costs at other positions it is possible.

Julius Thomas ($5,200) - This may appear risky on the surface, but I don't think that it is. Blake Bortles has been doing a great job this year, and his receivers have been benefiting. Last week in Thomas's first game, he was on the field for over 50% of the snaps. I thought he was going to be eased back in at a slower rate, but that doesn't appear to be the case here. Marcedes Lewis had played over 90% of snaps in the week prior when there was no Thomas. I think Thomas will approach 80% of snaps this week, and be on the field for every redzone snap. He is the best redzone threat on this team, and without Yeldon, Thomas should be used more in the middle of the field as well to move the football.


Robbie Gould ($4,500) - The best minimum priced kicker this week. The Bears go up against a week Lions team, and Cutler has been able to move the football this year. Gould is head and shoulders above the other minimum priced guys, making this choice easy.


Denver Broncos ($5,000) - The Broncos defense is becoming a stable for all DFS lineups this year. I have recommended them as much as I have recommended Gronk, something i thought I wouldn't have said for a defense. If you have the budget to do so, don't even hesitate. The Broncos get to opposing QB's, forcing turnovers. Josh McCown is in for a rude awakening this week.

New York Giants ($4,400) - It was tough finding a defense that was cheaper that I liked. Finally I was able to settle on the Giants. There defense has looked decent so far this year, and are averaging just under 8 points a game. That is a number i think they can beat this week, as they go up against the wild Eagles. I don't think anyone believes the Eagles have figured out their offense. In addition, the Giants have actually been better on the defensive end then you would have expected. Turnovers could be aplenty on Monday night, giving the Giants an opportunity to capitalize on one of those.

My Cash Lineup:

QB: Tom Brady ($9,000)

RB: Eddie Lacy ($7,300)

RB: Danny Woodhead ($6,000)

WR: Julian Edelman ($7,900)

WR: Brandon Marshall ($8,000)

WR: Larry Fitzgerald ($7,500)

TE: Julius Thomas ($5,200)

Kicker: Robbie Gould ($4,500)

Defense: New York Giants ($4,400)