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FanDuel GPP Lineup Week 5, The Wright Stuff!

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Find some values to roster those studs! Robert gives you one of his GPP Lineups for week 5.

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FanDuel: $2,000,000 Week 5 Fantasy Football League

Many of you play in season-long fantasy football leagues, while more and more of you are playing one day fantasy leagues. If you like the action of the one day leagues, make sure you join the FanDuel/SB Nation one day fantasy football leagues. All you need to do is click on the link below and join a league.

Enter the $2,000,000 Week 5 Fantasy Football League

  • Starts Sunday 1pm ET, ends Monday
  • $2,000,000 cash prize pool
  • First place wins $150,000
  • Top 90,800 teams paid, only $5 entry
  • Pick anyone you want - stay under the salary cap

FanDuel/SB Nation $2,000,000 Fantasy Football League: Week 5

As I have done the past two weeks, it is time to unveil a GPP Lineup I am using this week. The key for this week is finding a couple of value plays, that way you can pay up and get a few studs into that lineup. We are looking for upside with these picks for the most part, as that is how you win big. The order that I am writing about the guys below is the order in which I inserted them in my lineup.

Kendall Wright $5,900:

While it may not seem like he has much upside as a slot receiver, don't be fooled. I could easily envision Wright getting close to 8 receptions, 100 yards, and 2 redzone TD's this week. Now the downside is that of 30 yards and no TD's, but that is the territory with these picks. This price was too good to pass on here, and allows me to round out my roster with my pick for best RB this week.

Owen Daniels $4,900:

This one goes back to my cash game article from yesterday. The Raiders haven't stopped a Tight End this year, and Daniels has scored in each of the past two games.

Alex Smith $6,900 and Jeremy Maclin $6,900:

This is my mini stack of the week for GPP's. Both guys are coming in cheap, and the Bears pass defense hasn't slowed down opposing QB's yet this year. Maclin and Smith seem to have hit a groove recently, giving me more confidence that this stack will pan out.

Le'Veon Bell $9,000:

I wrote about Bell in my cash game article. Quick blurb though to sum it up, he is the best RB in the league and gets a weak Chargers run defense. Will be heavily used in the game, and should be in DFS as well.

Julio Jones $9,200:

I had him in my lineup last week, and I am going back to him again. Another person I wrote about yesterday in my cash game column, but bears to say again, he is going up against the weak Redskins pass defense. On top of that DeAngelo Hall is out for this game. Forget about last week and get Jones in your lineup.

Denver Broncos Defense $4,900:

Prime matchup this week against the Raiders. Sure Carr has been better then we all expected, but this Broncos defense is scary good. I don't think any offense feels comfortable at any point against the Broncos. Have big potential as always again this week.

Josh Lambo $4,500:

My minimum priced kicker for cash games this week, and for GPP's. The Chargers are going to be in scoring position a lot on Monday night, leaving plenty of opportunities for Lambo to hit some field goals.

Eddie Lacy $7,600:

His price has dropped to the same level as Devonta Freeman, and below a guy like Mark Ingram. Sure Lacy hasn't been himself so far this year, but last week he appeared to be recoverd from his injury. His total snaps went back up again, and looks like he will be back to the same volume he had in week one. Now put Lacy in against a suprisingly bad Rams run defense, and you have yourself a chance for a big explosion from a guy who won't be too high owned with people wanting to put the cheap Anthony Dixon in their lineups.