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Fantasy football trade targets: Week 2

Are your looking to shore up your lineup in Week 2 with a trade? We have some guys you need to target in trades, along with a few guys you should consider selling after Week 1.

Peter Aiken

We've made it through the first week of the 2014 season. I'm sure some of you are already panicking thinking your teams are the worst they could be. Pump the brakes.

Fantasy football is volatile every year. I've had teams that started 0-3 or 0-4 end up making the playoffs and winning some of my leagues in the past. Drafting wisely is obviously a major facet of being a successful fantasy owner, but hitting the waiver wire and making smart trades are just as important.

Each week I will target several players who can provide great value in trades for your team. I'll also name a few guys who you need to think of selling when the time is right.

Trading or selling these players depends on your roster needs and how other owners in your league operate. Every owner is different. If you're buying the players listed below, target owners who worry the most.


Justin Hunter

When you look at Hunter's stat line from Week 1 - three catches, 63 yards - you probably aren't blown away. But it was a promising day for the young receiver.

Hunter played in 52 of the Titans 82 offensive snaps. He was also targeted a team-high eight times against the Chiefs. While he's still behind Kendall Wright and Nate Washington on the depth chart, the usage from the season opener is promising for the talented second-year receiver.

The Titans take on the Cowboys in Week 2. This is a prime opportunity for a breakout from Hunter. The talent is there, he just needs more chances to prove himself, and it looks like the Titans are inclined to give him those. Go get Hunter before owners realize the value they're sitting on.

Kyle Rudolph

The Rams allowed only 5.7 points per game to opposing tight ends in 2013. It wasn't a surprise to see Rudolph taken out of the picture for the most part in Week 1.

Rudolph caught two passes for 16 yards and a touchdown to start the season. Considering the Rams were never close to making this a competitive game, the Vikings didn't need to air it out much. Rudolph was targeted four times, finishing behind Greg Jennings and Cordarrelle Patterson in that category.

Given offensive coordinator Norv Turner's usage of tight ends in the past, Rudolph's upside is considerably higher than the numbers he put up in Week 1. He'll have better matchups along the way that he can exploit. If you're in need of a tight end, Rudolph is probably an easy target in your league.

Michael Crabtree

Crabtree caught just two passes for 25 yards in Week 1 against the Cowboys. The 49ers took a lead just minute into the game and never looked back. They didn't need to rely on the passing game Sunday.

Crabtree played through a calf injury in a game that out of hand from the start. Don't worry about the poor stat line and only four targets. This is a receiver who caught 85 passes and nine touchdowns in 2012. He looked on the same page with Colin Kaepernick at the end of last season.

While Crabtree's numbers might be volatile from week to week, he's still a great bounce-back candidate. This is the cheapest you'll be able to get him.

Jeremy Hill

I've been on his bandwagon since the Bengals drafted him, and I'm not jumping off anytime soon. Hill only saw four carries in Week 1 on 10 snaps. That won't be the case going forward.

Hue Jackson said after Week 1's game he didn't want to put Hill in a bad situation to start his season. Giovani Bernard is the trusted starter, but Hill will get his chances as the year progresses.

Considering he rushed for 19 yards, I can't imagine Hill's asking price is much. If he's available in your league, he needs to be stashed. But if he's on another roster and you're looking for cheap running backs, I'd go after Hill.

Studs off to a slow start

Demaryius Thomas, Jamaal Charles, Dez Bryant. Not everyone is going to explode to begin every season. If someone in your league is low on Thomas after he caught four passes for 48 yards on 11 targets, make an extra effort to see if they're willing to part with these potential No. 1 players. It happens every year.

I've already seen Twitter clamoring about Charles' lack of workload and Thomas' poor start. Not every top player is going to blow up every single game. If you're smart, you'll know there is absolutely no reason to trade someone like Charles. Take advantage of other owners' concerns.

Players I like who have a higher price

Keenan Allen: 5 catches, 37 yards in opener, but saw nine targets and is still the best receiver in San Diego
Larry Fitzgerald: 1 catch, 22 yards in Week 1. No way that happens again.
Eric Decker: Clear No. 1 target in Jets offense. Geno is improving. Decker would've had a touchdown if Vick hadn't overthrown him in Week 1.


Steve Smith

Surely the Panthers are cursing the day they parted ways with Smith, right? The veteran wide receiver caught seven passes for 118 yards and one touchdown in his Ravens debut. When you take a closer look at his numbers from Week 1, though, you see most of his fantasy points came from one monster play.

Smith caught an 80-yard touchdown with just under six minutes to play in the fourth quarter. He got behind the Bengals secondary and broke away for the huge score. Aside from that one play, the rest of his afternoon was nothing special.

Smith was targeted 15 times, tying with teammate Dennis Pitta for the most in the NFL in Week 1. He hauled in seven passes, adding two drops to his stat line for the afternoon. Prior to that fourth quarter score, Smith was sitting on 38 yards on 14 targets.

While Smith clearly still has some gas left in the tank, his value will never be higher in 2014 than it is right now. I don't anticipate Joe Flacco throwing 62 passes every week. Sell high on Smith.

Knowshon Moreno

Is Moreno better than some expected him to be in Miami? Certainly. Is he going to rack up 134 yards and a touchdown every week? Certainly not.

Moreno broke out in Week 1 after coming off the bench to outperform starting running back Lamar Miller. He ran tough throughout the afternoon, forcing six missed tackles and averaging 3.0 yards after contact per carry.

There's always a counterargument, though. Last season Moreno forced just 21 missed tackles all season on 241 carries. He averaged 2.03 yards after contact per carry. Miller averaged 2.06 for what it's worth.

I think Moreno is the better back among the two in this offense, but if he's on your roster, you have a huge bargaining chip for the time being. Running back is a thin position with so many RBBCs. If you have depth, I'm on board with you trying to sell Moreno while his stock is probably the highest it will be all season.

Victor Cruz

Cruz caught two passes for 24 yards on six targets against the Lions on Monday night. Eli Manning finished the game with 163 yards passing. This is not a situation you should feel positive about.

Manning and his receivers don't seem to be on the same page. His offensive line is a major concern. Cruz won't have this poor of a stat line every week, but it's hard to be confident about the Giants after seeing them consistently struggle through preseason play and Week 1.

Some owners may think they're getting a great deal if you're trying to sell of Cruz. I'd take a look at your roster needs and shop around.