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Ron Washington resigns as Rangers manager, and that's the only point we need to make

Stop with any and all drug-related jokes about the outgoing leader of the Texas team. If your joke is true, it's a big deal, and if your joke isn't true, it's not okay.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I never met Ron Washington. I thought he was a terrible manager of my favorite team, and my buddies who talk baseball with me thought that meant I didn't like him, but still:

I'll say here that this has no fantasy content. Maybe I shouldn't be writing it here, but I have the outlet. Washington resigned as Texas Rangers manager Friday afternoon to deal with the apocryphal "personal problems." Tim Bogar will take over on an interim basis. It's famously been a disaster season for the Rangers, but there were enough contributing factors that had nothing to do with Washington that it didn't look like the manager would take the fall.

Within minutes of the news coming down, the jokes came on Twitter. They all circled around the same basic point of "Cocaine is a hell of a drug." And every person that said that is an absolute, unmitigated jerk.

Washington has discussed his former cocaine use. It is known. Is it the reason for his resignation? I have no clue, and you have no clue. Jon Daniels, Tim Bogar, and Adrian Beltre likely have no clue. But there are two ways for this to go:

  • This has nothing to do with drugs. Washington has a sick family member, or a homeless friend. Or there aren't any personal problems, and it was a cover because he thought the end was near and he wanted to end it on his terms.
  • Or it turns out Washington is battling drugs again. If that's the case, this is a man who has been working his dream job for years, and the drug battle got so bad that he had to quit a job that by all accounts he absolutely loved.

For neither of those reasons is it fair to make drug-use jokes. It's just a cheap tactic to tweet something quickly, jumping on the first thing we know about someone.

I didn't like Ron Washington as a manager, but he was fun to watch, when he wasn't screwing up. His players, by all accounts, loved him, which counts for a lot. And he either has a problem or he doesn't. Let him deal with it. Get over your need for an easy joke and hush.