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Week 1 Quarterback Rankings

Should you bench Aaron Rodgers against the Seahawks? Will RGIII, Cam, & Kaep bounce back from a horrible preseason? Will Shaun Hill or Derek Carr be decent streaming options in 2 QB leagues? Brad Duffendack helps to solve your quarterback conundrums for Week 1 of the fantasy season with his rankings of every starter from 1-32.


After seven brutal months of waiting, football season is finally here! Time to break out your lucky jersey, lay out a feast of hearty snacks and ice-cold refreshments, claim the most comfortable spot directly in front of the TV, and, oh yeah, don't forget to set your fantasy lineups.

We know that Week 1 can be the toughest week before the fantasy playoffs to feel comfortable with your roster decisions because you never really know what the teams are going to look like until they start playing real games. Those of us here at Fake Teams are here to remedy that by offering you our positional rankings throughout the weeks. You can now base your roster decisions on these rankings and place all the blame on us if you lose. Don't worry, we can take it.

We will start with my quarterback rankings for Week 1. Simply adjust your roster to play the highest ranked player on this list and then sit back, relax, pop open that ice-cold beverage, and dominate your weekly fantasy matchup.

1. Peyton Manning (DEN) vs Indianapolis Colts

2. Drew Brees (NO) @ Atlanta Falcons

3. Andrew Luck (IND) @ Denver Broncos

4. Tony Romo (DAL) vs San Francisco 49ers

5. Matthew Stafford (DET) vs New York Giants

6. Nick Foles (PHI) vs Jacksonville Jaguars

7. Russell Wilson (SEA) vs Green Bay Packers

8. Aaron Rodgers (GB) @ Seattle Seahawks

9. Matt Ryan (ATL) vs New Orleans Saints

10. Carson Palmer (ARZ) vs San Diego Chargers

11. Phillip Rivers (SD) @ Arizona Cardinals

12. Robert Griffin III (WAS) @ Houston Texans

13. Colin Kaepernick (SF) @ Dallas Cowboys

14. Tom Brady (NE) @ Miami Dolphins

15. Jay Cutler (CHI) vs Buffalo Bills

16. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) vs Cleveland Browns

17. Andy Dalton (CIN) @ Baltimore Ravens

18. Alex Smith (KC) vs Tennessee Titans

19. Cam Newton (CAR) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

20. Geno Smith (NYJ) vs Oakland Raiders

21. Eli Manning (NYG) @ Detroit Lions

22. Josh McCown (TB) vs Carolina Panthers

23. Joe Flacco (BAL) vs Cincinnati Bengals

24. Ryan Tannehill (MIA) vs New England Patriots

25. Jake Locker (TEN) @ Kansas City Chiefs

26. Ryan Fitzpatrick (HOU) vs Washington Redskins

27. Matt Cassel (MIN) @ St. Louis Rams

28. Shaun Hill (STL) vs Minnesota Vikings

29. Chad Henne (JAX) @ Philadelphia Eagles

30. Brian Hoyer (CLE) @ Pittsburgh Steelers

31. EJ Manuel (BUF) @ Chicago Bears

32. Derek Carr (OAK) @ New York Jets

Good luck to everyone (except my opponents) this week. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or criticisms, leave them in the comments section of this article and I will reply to them as soon as I can.