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Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings Schedule

It's fantasy football season, and we have you covered all season. Here is what you can expect from our fantasy football writers each week during the regular season.

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The 2014 NFL regular season is just a few days away, and we hope you enjoyed our preseason position rankings, sleepers and busts.  But our fantasy football coverage doesn't stop there. We will be bringing you plenty of fantasy football coverage throughout the regular season, including weekly position rankings, top performers, waiver wire advice, start/sit advice, and much more.

Below you will find a schedule of what we will be providing you on a weekly basis through the end of the season:

Time Slot/Day









QB Rankings - Week xx (Brad D.)

TE Rankings - Week xx (Robert)


Waiver Wire - Week xx (Brad C.)

RB Rankings - Week xx (Armando)

DEF/ST Rankings - Week xx (Jacob)

Fantasy Football Misconceptions - Week xx (Saagar)

Daily Fantasy Football Advice - Week xx (Dug)


Week xx Top performers at each position (Robert)

Trade Targets - Week xx (Alex)

WR Rankings - Week xx (Jordan)

Start Sit Advice - Week xx (Armando)

In addition, there might be another article or two added once the season starts. This schedule is in addition to our fantasy baseball, English Premier League (EPL), and our recently added fantasy hockey and basketball coverage.

That's right, I recently added Troy Langefeld as our fantasy hockey writer, and he laid out his plans for getting you prepared for your fantasy hockey season in the schedule he published on Monday, which you can find in the link below:

Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit Preview

I also added Bobby Del Rio as our fantasy basketball writer, and he released his early Top 100 Rankings yesterday:

Early Top 100 Rankings

Bobby also writes for his full time job as an actor, writer.filmmaker and producer, and he recently wrote and directed a feature film called The Market, which is a movie about four bond traders who made $12.5 billion dollars, and you can read about in this link:

The Market

I am very excited to add fantasy football, hockey and basketball to our existing fantasy sports coverage here at Fake Teams. Our passion is to help you win fantasy championships year in and year out, so if there is a feature you would like to see covered here, let us know.