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Week 3 Quarterback Rankings

Should Peyton Manning be benched this week? Will Drew Brees and Matt Ryan bounce back this week under the comfort of their home sweet domes? Will Kirk Cousins be the savior for the Washington offense? Find out as Brad Duffendack ranks all the starting quarterbacks for week 3.

Kevin C. Cox

I cannot remember the last time we had this many injuries, suspensions, or late deactivations to premier players in one week. Currently, there are only three injuries to consider for the quarterback position with Robert Griffin, Carson Palmer, and Shaun Hill. However, the plethora of other players from other positions missing time will each have an effect on the projections of the quarterbacks for this week.

The loss of one of the greatest receiving threats in the league in A.J. Green will downgrade Andy Dalton as this will allow Hue Jackson to continue to move the offense further into featuring the run game. In New York, the slow and steady progression of Geno Smith could be hindered as Eric Decker fights through a hamstring injury. And of course, the casualty of Jamaal Charles to a Kansas City team with a severe deficiency of offensive weapons will leave Alex Smith with very little hope to live up to that franchise contract.

On the flip side, some injuries - though unfortunate for their respective teams - could help the outlook of their quarterbacks for as long as they are out. Phillip Rivers should see more passing attempts with Ryan Mathews sidelined as they look to get Danny Woodhead more involved. The Miami offense could also be forced to throw more with the loss of Knowshon Moreno. Lamar Miller has looked good as a receiving weapon out of the backfield yet has not been able to reach the same rushing production as Moreno has had up to this point.

Also, with the agreement on the new NFL drug policy, we should see the return of some of the suspended players this week as their sentences get reduced to time served. Such players as Wes Welker and Stedman Bailey will be a welcome addition to their offenses.

With all that being said, here is how I see this week playing out for the quarterbacks for this week as I rank all of the projected starters from 1-32.

1. Aaron Rodgers (GB) @ Detroit Lions

2. Drew Brees (NO) vs Minnesota Vikings

3. Matt Ryan (ATL) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4. Matthew Stafford (DET) vs Green Bay Packers

5. Nick Foles (PHI) vs Washington Redskins

6. Andrew Luck (IND) @ Jacksonville Jaguars

7. Jay Cutler (CHI) @ New York Jets

8. Peyton Manning (DEN) @ Seattle Seahawks

9. Cam Newton (CAR) vs Pittsburgh Steelers

10. Russell Wilson (SEA) vs Denver Broncos

11. Phillip Rivers (SD) @ Buffalo Bills

12. Andy Dalton (CIN) vs Tennessee Titans

13. Colin Kaepernick (SF) @ Arizona Cardinals

14. Tony Romo (DAL) @ St. Louis Rams

15. Tom Brady (NE) vs Oakland Raiders

16. Kirk Cousins (WAS) @ Philadelphia Eagles

17. Joe Flacco (BAL) @ Cleveland Browns

18. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) @ Carolina Panthers

19. Geno Smith (NYJ) vs Chicago Bears

20. Josh McCown (TB) @ Atlanta Falcons

21. Eli Manning (NYG) vs Houston Texans

22. Jake Locker (TEN) @ Cincinnati Bengals

23. Drew Stanton (ARZ) vs San Francisco 49ers

24. Ryan Tannehill (MIA) vs Kansas City Chiefs

25. Brian Hoyer (CLE) vs Baltimore Ravens

26. Matt Cassel (MIN) @ New Orleans Saints

27. EJ Manuel (BUF) vs San Diego Chargers

28. Alex Smith (KC) @ Miami Dolphins

29. Chad Henne (JAX) vs Indianapolis Colts

30. Shaun Hill (STL) vs Dallas Cowboys

31. Ryan Fitzpatrick (HOU) @ New York Giants

32. Derek Carr (OAK) @ New England Patriots

Hopefully everyone enjoys this last week of having the full league of options available to choose from. Week 4 will kick off the bye weeks with six total teams on bye including Denver, Seattle, Cincinnati, Arizona, Cleveland, and St. Louis. A lot of fantasy owners will be scrambling to complete a roster next week. Until then, continue to dominate this week, and I will be here again next week to help you along through the madness.