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Fake Teams is looking for some Fantasy Baseball Writers

I am looking for some fantasy baseball writers for the upcoming offseason, because here at Fake Teams, we don't stop covering fantasy baseball like some other sites. Read on if you have interest.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we have the fantasy football, basketball and hockey writing crew established, it is time to add to our fantasy baseball writing staff. The fantasy baseball staff has dwindled over the last six months, so we are looking to add 4-5 writers over the next few weeks or so.

We are looking for writers who can focus on the major leaguers as well as the minor league prospects, so in addition to letting us know that you have interest, let us know what you would like to focus on. We have a few big projects every offseason, including an in-depth look at the top prospects for each team, but also our consensus position rankings project as well.

Before reading, or shortly thereafter, make sure you do three things:

1. Sign up and join for Fake Teams

2. If you want your real name to appear on the site, please use it when joining. Otherwise, you can use any name you want.

3. Write a fanpost here at Fake Teams so I, and our readers, can get an idea about your writing skills and your fantasy baseball knowledge.

What am I looking for?

1. I am looking for experienced, or inexperienced, writers who have a passion for fantasy baseball. I live and breathe fantasy baseball, so I write about fantasy baseball, and would do more if my schedule allowed.

2. I am looking for you to contribute 1-2 articles per week.

3. You would be writing according to a set schedule during the season. During the offseason, there is more flexibility in the scheduling.

4. Need someone willing to write on assigned topics from time to time.

What will we be writing about this offseason?

1. Team by team prospect rankings

2. Consensus MLB position rankings for 2015

3. Players to target at each position

4. Players to avoid at each position

5. Sleepers at each position

6. Player profiles

7. Bold predictions

8. or whatever you want......we are flexible

Is the position a paid position?

Not initially, but could lead to one if you show your writing chops and meet deadlines on a consistent basis.

Why isn't it a paid position? I can write, dammit!!

Yes, I know you can write. But, I have been doing this since 2008 and have seen plenty of good writers come and go. Some have written for a few weeks/months, then either got burned out or lost the desire. Coming up with good ideas to write about isn't always easy.

With all that said, I have seen plenty of writers come and go, but leave to write elsewhere. Here are a few:

1. Many summers ago, a journalism major came to me asking to write about fantasy baseball while school was out. He was the editor at his college newspaper, and had a passion for writing. He is now the Jets beat writer for the New York Daily News. His name is Seth Walder.

2. Several years ago, when I first added fantasy football coverage to Fake Teams, one of the first fantasy football writers I added was Mike Gallagher. He now writes for Rotoworld covering fantasy basketball and SB Nation fantasy covering fantasy football.

3. Kenneth Arthur joined Fake Teams several years ago, covering fantasy baseball. In addition to writing for Fake Teams from time to time, he now writes for Rolling Stone magazine, SB Nation Fantasy, Field Gulls - SB Nation's Seattle Seahawks fan site, and for the fantasy football news desk writing player updates severals nights a week during the season.

4. Several of my former, and even current, writers have moved on to write for Baseball Prospectus, including Alex Kantecki, Bret Sayre, and Craig Goldstein. Bret now runs the fantasy content at BP.

5. One of our former writers, Andrew Ball, who also wrote for SB Nation's saber-slanted site, Beyond the Boxscore, now works as a scouting intern for the Tampa Bay Rays. Andrew also worked for the York Revolution in the independent league.

As you can see, writing for Fake Teams has led to other opportunities elsewhere on the 'net, in newspapers and even in major league baseball. I cannot guarantee any of this will happen to you, but if you are a good writer, someone may come knocking.

Ok, I am interested! What do I do now?

Once you have joined Fake Teams, I need you to write a fan post, the ones that you see on the middle of the right side of the front page. I would like you to write about anything fantasy baseball related. Maybe you think player X will have a breakout year in 2015, or player Y will disappoint. Or, you want to publish some early position rankings with proper support for your rankings. Go ahead and write a fan post about it.

Also, shoot me an email at to let me know when you have posted your fan post, and what your Fake Teams name is.

Why do I have to write a fan post? I have written elsewhere.

Ok, send me examples of your prior work, if it is recent. Recent meaning you wrote it in the last 1-2 months. If not, I would like you to write a fan post as described above.

I will review every fan post written, and if I like it, I may even promote it to the front page.

I look forward to working with you in the future. Let's do this.