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Fantasy Hockey 2014-15 Draft Kit Preview

Fake Teams is aiming to provide your most comprehensive fantasy sports package and has added fantasy hockey to the mix for the 2014-15 season. Be sure to check in all season long as new Fake Teams writer Troy Langefeld helps you win your fantasy hockey league. Your secret weapon this year? Our 2014-15 hockey draft kit. Save this in your bookmarks for easy reference to the full schedule.

Who could forget Alec Martinez's 2OT goal to bring the Los Angeles Kings their second championship in three years? Don't worry puckheads, the hockey season is just around the corner! - Photo Credit
Who could forget Alec Martinez's 2OT goal to bring the Los Angeles Kings their second championship in three years? Don't worry puckheads, the hockey season is just around the corner! - Photo Credit
Kevork Djansezian
With the NFL season right around the corner, many fantasy managers haven't even begun to think about the upcoming NHL season... I'm not one of those people. I've been counting down the days until October - my favourite time of the year - and that's why Fake Teams has brought me on to pass on my fantasy hockey insight to you.

Throughout the month of September and the beginning of October, I will provide you with some of the tools that I will use in preparing my draft kit. Make no mistake, these are the same rankings, lists, and strategies that I use as a basis for my fantasy hockey leagues. Obviously context is everything and depending on the setup of your league, changes will have to be made. I can only write for the 'standard' or 'average' league setup, but this material should provide you a basis from which you can create a winning strategy and capture a coveted championship!

Below you will find the current schedule for our fantasy hockey preseason draft coverage:






September 1

Draft Kit Preview and Schedule



Hockey League Setup - Custom Features for the League Commissioner



Offseason Changes in the Fantasy Hockey Landscape


Rankings - Centers Anchor your Team



Rankings - Left Wings are your X-Factor



Rankings - Right Wings Provide some Pop


Rankings - Defensemen Win Matchups



Rankings - Goalkeepers are your Secret Weapon



Consolidated Rankings to Give you the Edge


Breakouts - Forecasting the First Big Year can Pay HUGE Dividends



Sleepers - Forgotten or Unfairly Discounted, they will Win your League



Busts - Overvalued, they Cannot Possibly Return Value at their ADP


Draft Strategy - It's Finally that Time...


October 1

Mock Draft - Snake Draft Analysis



Mock Draft - Auction Draft Analysis


Final Preseason Rankings - This is your Last Chance...



NHL Regular Season Opener - The Day We've All Been Waiting For!



This week, in week one, I just want to get everyone thinking about fantasy hockey again. I'll start with an article for the commissioners out their who want to set up their own league. I'll outline what I like and don't like about certain league types, settings, rosters, and stat categories so that you can decide what your perfect league setup is. After your league has been setup, I'll preview the upcoming season with the fantasy hockey landscape. I'll chat about the changes through the offseason, who went where, what new faces have entered the league, and how all of this will impact each of the teams in the 2014-15 season.

Weeks two and three are what most of you are the most interested in - the rankings. I'll review each position and provide tiers and rankings for each before consolidating them into one full comprehensive list.

Week four will provide you with additional information to make the best draft day selections. You'll find a list for the most likely players to breakout for the first time this year, who you can get on the cheap, and where the hype has simply gone too far.

Week five will concentrate on the second most important part of the year. Nothing is more important than playoff season, but your draft strategy is the blueprint to get you there and the draft is the mustang you're going to have to tame. I'll review draft strategies depending on league types and discuss some real mock draft results.

Week six will be short but sweet. I'll update my consolidated rankings list for any last minute changes to the fantasy hockey landscape before the NHL regular season starts a couple days later.

I'm excited to have the opportunity to provide you with a full draft kit package for the 2014-15 NHL season and I look forward to hearing all about your success stories and championships come April. I'm new to the twitterverse, but I'd love to hear your feedback and questions. Follow me on Twitter @HockeyGauntlet for more of my thoughts and all of your fantasy hockey needs. #IsItOctoberYet