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Fake Teams EPL Fantasy League

Come join the fun and play some fantasy EPL

Duane Burleson

Come one, come all!

The 2nd Annual Fake Teams EPL Fantasy League is upon us.

Don't know much soccer?  Just now following the EPL after that wonderful World Cup?  No problem!  The EPL Fantasy is quick and easy to use.  (AND IT'S FREE!)

Come try to beat me and Will Jordan at our own game as we curse at Daniel Sturridge for not scoring enough or David de Gea for letting in five goals in one week.

Want to join?  Here is how:

1.  Go to

2.  Create an account if you don't have one

3.  Choose your team (funniest team name gets a shout out!)

4.  Join our league:  Fulham's Follies.  Yes, I named it myself.

5.  Code to enter:  1250839-294851

6.  Enjoy and have fun!  (Please don't beat me.)

Feel free to talk trash on the message boards, but PLEASE keep it clean.  My two nephews Aaron (14) and Austin (11) are going to be playing!

Have questions?  Feel free to contact me via email ( or Twitter (@brianjstultz)

EPL seasons starts next weekend!  Hurry up and get your team ready.