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Fantasy Football: MFL10's and Why I Just Can't Quit Them (An Introduction)

More and more fantasy degenerates are signing up daily for MFL10 leagues, however not nearly everyone is. I am going to try and ease your fears, introduce you to the format, and hopefully get you started. It is too fun not to share and be sure to let me know if you decide to join one.

So I am using this post to make a confession. I have an addiction and it is very bad. I lose sleep at night, I tie it in to every conversation I have, I even try to get everyone else I know to try it. Yeah, that kind of serious addiction. I am not talking about Daily Fantasy Sports this time, I still like to dabble in that from time to time, but I am talking about MFL10 leagues and why I can't quit them.

Now I suppose calling myself an addict is extreme since I am controlling my urges about as well as I can. I know of some who are in 50 plus MFL10 leagues. I am striving to be in 10-15, but you know what they say an addiction is an addiction no matter how often you do it.

Here's the thing, these are so much fun, relatively cheap, and useful ( I will get to that later) that I am going to try and encourage YOU to try one, or ten or fifty! You won't regret it, and even better, you could win 100 dollars if you win the whole shebang.

So I am intending to write a few pieces on MFL10's over the next few weeks that will include everything from the basics of the league, to strategy and completed drafts from some the industry best that can help steer you, or develop your own strategies. So read on, and keep up with me and let's see if we get you addicted too.

Also, please be aware I am writing this completely on my own, and with no connection to I just really enjoy them.

MFL10's: Giving you the dirt

So the first thing you need to do is understand what you are going to do. I know it may be on a new site which can be intimidating (although it shouldn't be, is simply the best at what they do). Or perhaps you may fear you are in too many leagues already. Maybe it is the money aspect of it? Either way I will help you ease your fears, get you started and most importantly excited. Don't continue doing just mock drafts on major sites, you know people leave early, intentionally muck it up, or are playing with extremes. In these MFL leagues although strategies are slightly different, they are real owners with real money on the line meaning it is a real draft.

Step 1: Go to > Hit the "Get Started" tab > select "turn $10 into $100 by joining an MFL10"

Step 2: Choose your dollar amount, and league type. I prefer draft-only because you will not have weekly lineups to worry about.

Step 3: Choose payment method, and then wait for invite email (typically league fills within 24 hours and you are drafting away).

Step 4: Once you sign up keep your eyes open for an email from myfantasyleague with an email saying "login help". If you click on the log in to this league link you will be bumped to your league page. This is important to bookmark, or save because you will need to draft from here.

Step 5: You can change your password, team name in "franchise information" and even set up your Twitter accounts to be linked. This will tweet your picks as they happen. Get familiar with the site by playing around. Once you are in the most important buttons are the "rosters" and "draft" buttons on the left toolbar.

Step 6: Review the league scoring (PPR format), roster requirements and rules. It is a best ball league, so the highest scoring players on your roster from their positions will go to your weekly point totals and determine wins and losses. Take in to account bye weeks, and bench depth as you will not be able to make waiver claims, trades, etc in Draft-Only leagues.

Starting Rosters are:  1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 PK, 1 DST (highest scorer at each position will count)

A few other notes: It is a slow draft, with an 8 hour time limit between picks for each owner. Drafts usually go quick, but no one should feel pressured to make a pick. however most owners list their twitter handles, emails so you can send friendly reminders to them. Just don't over do it.

Why You Should Play

- You can draft anywhere, and at all times of the day. It is a slow draft, so you will have time and don't need to worry about busy evenings, weekends, or other drafts.

- If you have a smart phone you can keep tabs on the draft while at work (Although I know none of you degenerates would do such a thing at work)

- You have a real chance to win money. The leagues have 12 teams and the way I look at it is if you join 10 leagues you will pay $100, but if you win only one league you will break even. No guarantees of course, but if you are a solid drafter, and have a knack for finding high upside players you have a fighting chance!

- You are doing what you love most. The DRAFT. Even better you can draft and forget about it. No weekly lineup changes, no worrying about benching the wrong running back at your flex position each week. No need to worry about a quarterback dominating and sitting out the second half, or stinking and getting benched. You draft a deep roster (22 picks total- but don't forget about kickers/dst) 18 or so QB, RB, WR, TE. That leaves you plenty of options.

- You can experiment. In fact if you do more than one you are encouraged too! Why draft several teams with the same rosters. Take some risks, share your teams on social media or with other league mates and most importantly have fun!

- You can ease your spouses concerns or fears of your obsession by saying, "Look it is just a draft. I do it once and I am done for the season. I am NOT AN ADDICT".

- It will help you in your weekly leagues. With the pre-season in full swing player values change every week, and drafting in these leagues can help you gauge players value compared to ADP, and give you a realistic view at other drafters mindsets.

So, are you Going to try one?

Give it a whirl, sign up today and draft by the evening or tomorrow. Also be sure to stay tuned for some strategy themed articles on MFL10's coming soon to as well. I will have some tricks, and rosters from myself and other industry experts to help guide you along in your own drafts.

Do it. Try it, and trust me you will not regret it, and likely get just as addicted as I am!

Disclaimer: I am simply excited, and spreading the word about these great leagues and am not receiving anything from myfantasyleague for this post. Simply sharing one of the greatest fantasy concepts of all-time!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment, leave rosters, or ask questions below.

- Chris