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Fake Teams Consensus WR Rankings

The Fake Teams analysts unveil their WR rankings for 2014. Ranks include each individual analyst, the consensus and then comments from each individual ranker.

Leon Halip

Wide receiver week ends today with a look at our consensus WR rankings.  We have brought you detailed individual rankings by jcable32 here. We have brought you our sleepers and we have brought you are busts.  Now here are each of our individual ranks and some comments on the WRs we disagree on.  I love this exercise because it allows me, as a fantasy football player, to get inside the minds of my potential opponents and exploit what I perceive to be inefficiencies in others' rankings.  Likewise, I am sure my opponents do the same with my ranks.

WR is a deep position.  My strategy is to fill my core with a couple of studs if I can get them.  From there, I like to draft for high upside. I know because of how deep the position is that I can probably find waiver wire help on a week by week basis so I am looking to stash upside and home run hitters on the bench for late in the season during the draft after securing my starters.  Corrdarrelle Patterson was a great example of that last year.

So .... lets take a look at how the Fake Teams guys rank 'em at WR.  Comments below.

Armando Jordan Cable Brad Coustan Brad Duffendack Robert Keeley
Calvin Johnson 1 1 2 1 1
Dez Bryant 3 3 1 3 2
Demaryius Thomas 2 2 3 2 3
Brandon Marshall 4 7 6 4 4
Julio Jones 5 5 4 6 6
A.J. Green 6 4 7 5 5
Jordy Nelson 8 6 5 7 7
Antonio Brown 7 8 10 8 8
Randall Cobb 10 10 8 9 9
Alshon Jeffery 9 9 9 10 10
Vincent Jackson 12 12 18 14 11
Andre Johnson 17 13 14 11 13
Keenan Allen 13 11 11 18 17
Victor Cruz 16 17 12 16 15
Roddy White 21 15 13 13 14
Pierre Garcon 15 14 24 15 12
Michael Crabtree 14 19 20 12 16
Larry Fitzgerald 11 18 15 17 27
Cordarrelle Patterson 18 23 23 20 19
Torrey Smith 22 20 19 24 22
DeSean Jackson 19 22 17 26 23
Michael Floyd 25 16 26 19 21
Percy Harvin 26 24 22 21 18
Marques Colston 28 25 16 29 20
Mike Wallace 24 30 21 31 31
Wes Welker 31 21 29 27 34
Jeremy Maclin 35 34 25 25 29
T.Y. Hilton 29 26 30 38 33
Kendall Wright 37 28 36 22 35
Emmanuel Sanders 23 40 45 23 32
Julian Edelman 20 33 46 34 30
Golden Tate 30 29 31 28 48
Eric Decker 38 31 47 30 25
Terrance Williams 32 27 51 35 26
Kelvin Benjamin 34 36 28 33 44
Justin Hunter 42 41 32 39 24
Dwayne Bowe 27 32 44 40 37
Rueben Randle 36 38 27 46 42
Reggie Wayne 45 37 49 32 28
Brandin Cooks 33 39 34 36 50
Sammy Watkins 40 35 38 42 39
Mike Evans 39 42 41 43 43
DeAndre Hopkins 51 47 33 51 36
Josh Gordon 51 51 40 45 41
Cecil Shorts 43 48 51 37 51
Jordan Matthews 51 44 35 51 51
Anquan Boldin 51 45 51 41 45
Markus Wheaton 51 51 42 51 40
Danny Amendola 50 51 51 48 38
Tavon Austin 51 51 39 51 47

COUSTAN:  Dez, Dez and more Dez this year.  Anyone who has read my articles knows that I have a crush on all things Cowboys offense except for Terrance Williams.  With Scott Linehan in Dallas now, Dez will get force fed just as Linehan forced fed Calvin Johnson in Detroit all those years.  On the contrary, I think that Detroit's offense will feature more balanced targets because of new offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi from the Saints, who spread the ball around among Colston, Moore, Sproles and Graham.  This is the year of the Cowboy and that Cowboy is Dez Bryant.

The flip side to my argument for a balanced target distribution in Detroit is Robert Keeley:

KEELEY: Golden Tate - I am hesitant to trust a number two receiver on the Detroit Lions, as year after year there is promise of one to breakout, while nothing happens.  He is an upgrade over Broyles, so he should be looked upon as a better draft choice than Broyles was last season.  With great options in the backfield like Bush and Bell, and two pass catching TE's I find it hard to believe that Tate will get enough targets to put up a good season.

That is what makes this stuff so great!  It is up to you guys to sort out the opinions and find the ones that resonate with you.  Robert and I could go on regarding Pierre Garcon and Desean Jackson as well.

KEELEY:  Pierre Garçon - He had 113 receptions last year, good for the most in the NFL last season.  RG3 loves to find Garçon and that is a trend I see continuing.  He only scored 5 TD's last year, which is a bit flukey when you consider all players with over 90 catches last season had an average of a little over 8 TD's on the season.  I'm not worried about the addition of DeSean Jackson as he is a big play guy, while Garçon is the volume guy.

COUSTAN:  I am not a big believer in either one of the Washington (Warriors) WRs.  Try saying that 5 times fast!  Washington Warriors WRs.  I do believe, however, that Garcon gets less targets than last year and DeSean steps into the A.J. Green role in the Gruden offense.  So if I am predicting targets I predict DJax gets more than Garcon.  Add in a healthy Jordan Reed in the middle of the field and that spells regression for Garcon.

KEELEY: Percy Harvin - I am all about maximizing the fantasy points you can get over a full season, and Harvin is the prime example.  If you pencil him in for 13 games this season, most people will take his stats and compare them directly to a guy who is projected to play 16 games.  This is not the correct way to go about this, since you are able to put in a replacement level guy at worst into your lineup for him.  Now add in 3 games of a replacement level WR, and you get a point total that more accurately shows exactly what taking Harvin means towards your team.  That is the reasoning that pushes him up on my draft board compared to other writers.

ARMANDO: Injuries and Inexperience plagued the New England receiving corps last year. This gave Edelman the opportunity to climb to the top of the depth chart, gain an impressive rapport with Tom Brady, and post career numbers across the board. This year, he will face much stiffer competition for targets. Rob Gronkowski is expected to be ready for the start of the season, Shane Vereen should be heavily involved in the pass game out of the backfield, and Danny Amendola is healthy (for the time being) and looking great so far in the preseason. When Gronkowski is on the field, he will dominate the targets. Edelman will face a steep decline in targets and will not be able to meet expectations for this season as long as the other, better options stay healthy.

DUFFENDACK:  As long as Pep Hamilton remains the offensive coordinator in Indianapolis, Hilton's and the entire passing game's potential is capped due to his desire to run the offense through the power run game, no matter how ineffective it is with a weak offensive line and a disinterested Trent Richardson. Last year, the Colts favored playing Darrius Heyward-Bey over Hilton due to his blocking ability. This year, he has more competition with a healthy Reggie Wayne, Hakeem Nicks, and the rookie Donte Moncrief. It has also been reported that the Colts will be running more two tight end sets with Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener. When given the opportunity, Hilton can be the most dynamic player on the field, but this offensive scheme will force Hilton to come off the bench and attempt to make an impact in a limited amount of plays each game.

ARMANDO:  Did you know that Kenny Britt was only 25 years old? I was shocked when I saw that because he has already played in 5 NFL seasons, and is entering his 6th. Britt hasn’t played well since his short three game season in 2011, when he had an ACL injury. 2012 can then be seen as him still not fully recovered from his knee injury, but explaining 2013 is a little tougher to do. He suffered the loss of Jeff Fisher as his head coach, and had to try and fight with Nate Washington, and Justin Hunter for time as the second and third WR’s on the depth chart. Now Kenny Britt steps in as the number one receiver on theRams roster, who happens to have Jeff Fisher as their head coach. He will always be an injury risk, but if he can show that his knee troubles are behind him watch out as he has already shown to be very successful before in the NFL.

So that concludes WR week at Fake Teams.  I hope you are enjoying our coverage.  Next week we begin the TE position.  I have a few drafts coming up this week so I will be doing some formulating from my vacation at the shore.  Look for all of our great TE coverage along with a new Fantasy 100 and a new Buy, Sell & Hold from me this week.  Enjoy the last vestiges of summer.  FOOTBALL IS ONE WEEK AWAY!