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Who's the second overall pick in 2015?

Ray went to the Twitter to ask who you would pick second overall if you had your 2015 fantasy baseball draft today, assuming Mike Trout went #1. Some answers may surprise you.

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Jeff Gross

A few days ago, I asked my Twitter followers the following question:

My choice would be Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw as he dominates in all four categories, and there is no other hitter beside Angels outfielder Mike Trout that dominates four categories. Then again, an argument can be made that Trout no longer steals bases, but that article is for another day.

Here are some of the responses I received:

I can't disagree with taking Giancarlo Stanton second overall in 2015. He is hitting for a high average, is on pace for 40 bombs and has stolen double digit bags.


Bret really wants Trout I see. Can't blame him.

Then there was this interesting response from a follower:

Umm....yeah, a good argument can be made to take Kershaw at 1. A very good argument, I think.

Here is his reasoning:

I wouldn't say he is over-rated, but.....he just might be.

Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt will certainly get some love at 2, but his power was a bit down this season, and his power production could take a hit coming back from the hand injury.

There were a few more calls for Stanton and Kershaw at 2, and Andrew McCutchen and Miguel Cabrera as well.

So, who would you take at #2 overall in 2015 drafts, assuming Mike Trout was off the board? Let's hear it in the comments section.

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