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Fantasy Football 2014: Top 100 and Updated Position Rankings

Did you know that we are covering fantasy football this season? We are in the middle of updating our consensus rankings, sleepers and busts at each position.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Our fantasy football writers have been hard at work, updating their position rankings over the last few weeks, and below you can find links to our updated rankings, our consensus position rankings, as well as sleepers and busts at each postion.

We are addressing a position per week, so we are mid-way through wide receiver week at the moment, with Tight end and Defense/Special Team rankings coming up in the next few weeks. Below you will find our updated rankings, sleepers and busts published to date:

Position Rankings


Running Back

Wide Receiver

Consensus Position Rankings


Running Back

Top 100 Rankings

Top 100 Rankings v 3.0 by Brad Coustan

Sleepers and Busts


Running Back: Sleepers

Running Back: Busts

Wide Receiver Sleepers

Make sure you stop by later this week for our consensus wide receiver rankings and some busts at the wide receiver position.