What TV Tells Us...(Hint: Everything)

Overgeneralization is a bad thing to do, especially as a writer, so I'll try to avoid it with this thesis statement:

Channel-surfing definitively tells you what type of person and, more importantly, fantasy football drafter someone is.

You might think I'm crazy, and you might think I'm just being overtly annoying to get you to read the rest of this piece. Neither one of these is an incorrect assumption to make, but it doesn't make me wrong.

Inevitably we all spend some time on a daily basis mindlessly flipping through channels. What you probably didn't realize was your actions in these few, precious moments dictates the type of season you'll end up having.

A good amount of you probably choose to play it safe with the remote. Watch a pre-recorded SportsCenter for the third time that day. Don't rock the boat. There might be better options but there also probably are significantly worse options and you don't want to take that leap of channel faith. You can't go wrong watching that riveting Cubs-Rockies highlight again.

You'll also inevitably end up picking the likes of Victor Cruz a little too early. You know what Victor Cruz is. He already has a book, his quarterback has a couple of rings on his finger and a Manning after his first name.

These individuals need to take just a small chance if they want to strike fantasy pay dirt. See what's on ESPNU. No one's asking you to switch from the Top 10 plays of the week to a four-hour special on Rick Ross (an actual thing that happened very recently). Just take a small leap of faith. Alshon Jeffery might sound like a British butler but he's actually a phenomenal receiver, and has a good chance to give you more than your Cruz's, Pierre Garcon's, and even Insert-Denver receiver name here.

The same way you shouldn't just stick to ESPN because you're either afraid or too lazy to see what else is out there, you shouldn't watch a 2013 episode of Two and a Half Men because it won a People's Choice Award (in 2004...for reference Miley Cyrus was 11 and twerk wasn't a word yet). That's a bored Ashton Kutcher not a hyped up on life and snake-poison Charlie Sheen. It's not the same show it was a few years back.

Darren McFadden might still be wearing the same jersey but he's not really that Darren McFadden anymore. Dwayne Bowe can't be your #1 receiver, and Carson Palmer would be better off slinging pizza dough than 60 yard bombs. Watch something current.

Lastly, just because you watch True Detective and it hasn't gotten really popular yet but it might one day doesn't make you a genius. The underrated get so over appreciated that you're the one in the end who looks like a fool for Tivo-ing a new Suits episode so you can watch a potentially good Franklin & Bash re-run live.

Joique Bell is a nice player and should excel in the new Detroit Offense. But he's still not Marshawn Lynch. And he never will be. So don't waste your second rounder on the guys Matthew Berry told you he loves that you haven't ever heard of. Odds are the Arian Foster you're bored of drafting is a much better bet.

When you have the remote, and you're on the clock to pick a channel, be smart. Watch the channel you're comfortable with but make sure you're not watching it just because it's comfortable. Just because you saw the lead actor in last month's People doesn't make it any good, the same way it's not any better of a show if no one's heard of it.

Or don't listen to me and draft Cordarelle Patterson in the first round. A pox on you and your flex.