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EPL Preview: Man United, Newcastle and QPR

Taking a look at who will make an impact for Man United, Newcastle and QPR

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Thanks to Will for previewing the top of the table. It's probably a good thing I didn't have to write about Burnley. I have WAY too many good things to say about that Burnley side. What a machine!

Anyway, my preview starts out with Manchester United, Newcastle and QPR. Let's get this started!

Manchester United

Key Player to Watch: Robin van Persie. He's coming off of a strong World Cup and is now playing under his Dutch coach. I would be shocked if he scored less than 20 this season.

Good Bet: Juan Mata. He's pretty awesome. (That, my friends, is expert analysis. That's why I get paid the big bucks.)

Risky:  Wayne Rooney. Will Rooney fit in van Gaal's system?  Time will tell.

De-Fense! (Clap Clap): Jonny Evans and Chris Smalling are both good defenders who will play a key role in United's attempt to get back to the Champions League and top of the EPL.

In Goal: Mr. Jekyll and Hyde himself: David de Gea. You just never know what you are going to get. I would pick 5-6 goalkeepers before him.


Key Player to Watch:  Moussa Sissoko. The Frenchman struggled at times last year, scoring only three goals in 35 appearances. I expect a stronger season out of him.

DON'T TOUCH WITH A 10-FOOT POLE: Steven Taylor. Trust me. (Or don't. I don't really care.)

Hey, I'm Still Alive!: Michael Williamson. Seriously, he is!

In Goal: Tim Krul. Solid.  He also has a name very close to my good friend (and Fake Teams EPL Fantasy League participant) Tim Crowell.  So, he's got that for him.


Key Player to Watch:  Loïc Remy. He can score and...well, I'm just bitter that QPR is in the EPL and Fulham isn't. I dislike QPR very much.

Take Him If You Like Being Disappointed: Bobby Zamora. What a lazy player. (Okay, I am VERY bitter about QPR being in the top flight.)

Now Applying for Senior Citizen Discount: Rio Ferdinand.

Another Good Bet: Adel Taarabt. I like him. I really do.

In Goal: Robert Green, Clint Dempsey's personal assistant. He has appeared in 16 matches and let up zero goals. Not bad, Mr. Green.