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Trade deadline: David Price to Tigers, Austin Jackson to Mariners, Nick Franklin to Rays

Years of rumors finally culminated, minutes before the deadline Thursday, in a three-way deal that landed David Price in Detroit. We break down the fantasy implications.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It happened! It happened! The new phone book is here!

David Price, the subject of trade rumors from Tampa Bay basically since he left Vanderbilt, finally moved Thursday, in a three-way deal that sent him to the Detroit Tigers. As part of the deal, the Tigers sent Drew Smyly to Tampa Bay and Austin Jackson to the Seattle Mariners, and the Mariners sent shortstop Nick Franklin to the Rays.

Let's break it down, piece-by-piece:

Price: The four-time All Star, the Cy Young winner, is enjoying -- by FIP -- his best MLB season, and now joins the Tigers to get into a rotation with Max Scherzer, Anibal Sanchez, Justin Verlander, and Rick Porcello. In other words ... whoa. his fantasy value doesn't change at all, because how could it? He's still a top-top-tier starter.

Jackson: The center-fielder -- who now has been three-way-traded twice in his career -- suffers a little with the deal, as he goes from the hitter-friendly Comerica Park to the not-so-much Safeco Field. He's still a fantasy starter, but not nearly as strong as he was a couple days ago.

Franklin: The middle-infield prospect was blocked in Seattle after the promotion of Brad Miller and acquisition of Robinson Cano, meaning his value to Seattle was almost entirely as a trade chip. Moving to Tampa Bay, means Franklin is likely to get a lot of play, both at second base and shortstop, on a team that loves and endorses flexibility. He's not a big-time guy, but he could be a MI play or a starter in deeper leagues.

Smyly: I'm on record as loving Smyly, who for my money is one of the most underrated pitchers in the game. He now moves to Tampa Bay, where he'll have a sure spot in the rotation and pitch in a much more enjoyable ballpark.

The primary other player whose value changes with this trade is Rajai Davis, who likely now becomes the everyday center-fielder in Detroit, and can offer great value to anyone needing steals.