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Trade deadline: Asdrubal Cabrera to Washington

The Indians finally dealt their shortstop after years of rumors. We break down the fantasy implications.

Jason Miller

The Washington Nationals got in on the action of trade-deadline day, dealing for long-the-subject-of-rumors Cleveland Indians shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera. According to reports, the Nationals ares ending shortstop prospect Zach Walters the other way.

Cabrera is in the midst of one of his worst offensive seasons (and one of his worst defensive seasons, by dWAR). He's hitting to .246/.305/.386 slash line in 97 games, well below his .270/.331/.410 career line. He's only 28, so there's no reason to think he's done, but even Cabrera's good years didn't measure up to the acclaim he often had. In Washington, he'll likely play mostly second base and a little third, and can spell Ian Desmond at shortstop when needed. He's no star, but he's a step above Danny Espinosa, and can bridge the gap until Ryan Zimmerman comes off the DL, if that ever happens. Anthony Rendon will play regular third base.

Walters is a stopgap shortstop. The Indians might use him there, but they could also call up uberprospect Francisco Lindor and use Walters in a utility role. If he's available in your league, especially if it's a keeper league, pick Lindor up now. If the Indians go with Walters (or Mike Aviles, maybe), you can always drop Lindor later, but get in on the ground floor if you can.