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DFS: FanDuel Top Plays For Friday July 18th

The daily fantasy grind never stops. Here are Dug Fister's recommended plays for Friday's FanDuel lineups

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Hallelujah, DFS is back tonight!!!! This really had to be the most boring week in sports ever - I resorted to betting on WNBA and Azerbaijan's women basketball, how pathetic.  I hope everyone enjoyed their all-star week, not much really happened since we last spoke.  I am going to dive right in to things, but be on the look out for my first half DFS MVP list coming this weekend, should be a great read.

All players prices are based on FanDuel pricing

SP - Jered Weaver, Los Angeles Angels, $7,500 - Not the sexiest name of the available pitchers here, but he does have a ton of upside against a Mariners team that isn't exactly an offensive powerhouse.  Weaver is great at home, he is familiar with the opposition, and should have a solid outing as long as his back is fine.

C - Stephen Vogt, Oakland Athletics, $2,700 - This dude is really raking for a journeyman catcher.  I love his matchup against his weaker counterpart (Chris Tillman), and should be batting around 6th or 7th in the order.

1B - Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs, $3,600 - You really think I would pass on Rizzo in Arizona against Trevor Cahill??? Please!!!!!

2B - Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies, $3,800 - Not crazy about many of the 2B options tonight, but Utley makes a good play against fly ball pitching Ervin Santana.  If you are going to pay up for a 2B today it should be between Utley and Altuve.

3B - Nolan Arenado, Colorado Rockies, $2,800 - Arenado finished off the season with 2 multi hit games in his final series against Minnesota, he has a good chance to continue this success tonight against left-hander Francisco Liriano.  I don't expect much power from Arenado outside Coors, but batting fifth in that top heavy order can't hurt RBI chances.

SS - Brandon Crawford, San Francisco Giants, $2,200 - Not exactly sure why Crawford is priced so low, maybe it's a glitch in the FanDuel matrix, but I'll take it as a punt play.

OF - Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates, $5,200 - McCutchen at home versus a lefty, sign me up.  McCutchen ended the first half on a tear, and should continue raking in the second half - no reason not to take him tonight against a weak lefty, especially in cash games.

OF - Mark Trumbo, Arizona Diamondbacks, $3,700 - Trumbo is back!!!! I own so much stock in this guy in roto leagues, hopefully it starts paying off tonight - against Edwin "I ruined your DFS night" Jackson.

OF - Jay Bruce, Cincinnati Reds, $3,500 - Love Bruce in Yankee stadium against David Phelps, a homer is likely, a steal is possible, and both would be awesome.  Go with Bruce.

As always please check lineups and weather conditions before rosters lock, nothing is worse than having inactive players on a daily fantasy roster.

Come join me and other FakeTeam writers along with the whole SB Nation in some DFS fun, turn $2 in to $1200.