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Mid-Season American League 2B Rankings: All-Star Edition

Take a look at our updated second base rankings for fantasy leagues and find out where your starting 2B checks in.

Jose Altuve
Jose Altuve
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has happened over the course of the 1st half of the season, and it's time to adjust our position ranks accordingly. So, let's take a look at who has risen, who has fallen, and who was that break-out star of the 1st half. And most importantly, let's update our second baseman rankings in the American League going forward for the rest of the 2014 season.

Breakout: Jose Altuve  

Rising: Brian Dozier, Howie Kendrick, Rougned Odor  

Falling: Dustin Pedroia, Ben Zobrist, Brian Roberts

1.    SEA - Robinson Cano - The power has been slowed down by playing at Safeco, but I think the HR total should rebound somewhat in the 2nd half. Robbie Cano's production in the other fantasy categories has been elite. Still the best. 

2.    HOU - Jose Altuve - The break-out star at the second base position in the American League, Altuve is currently hitting .335 and is on pace for 69 SB's. Altuve deserves to be rewarded for his strong start to the year, and should have been selected to start the All-Star game.

3.    CLE - Jason Kipnis - Everyone's favorite pick to break-out at 2B in the pre-season hasn't quite lived up to expectations after returning from injury. Signs still point to a return to elite levels, and Kipnis has begun to heat up as of late.

4.    DET - Ian Kinsler - Who would have thought the Tigers won the Prince Fielder-Ian Kinsler deal by a landslide back in the preseason? Kinsler is having a great year so far, and the same should be expected for the 2nd half.

5.    MIN - Brian Dozier - Dozier is having one of the most interesting fantasy seasons so far on the year, being on pace to finish somewhere near 30/30 while hitting for a low batting average. He could slow down a little, but after putting up similar numbers in 2013, it looks like this should be expected going forward.

6.    BOS - Dustin Pedroia - I didn't know if Pedroia should be placed here, or possibly a few spots lower. I decided to go with past track record knowing that Pedroia won't return to those elite levels of production, but could still turn around his season and improve that stat line.

7.    TB - Ben Zobrist - There are rumors he could be on the move. The way the Rays have hit this season, a move to just about any contending team would mean a boost in Ben Zobrist's fantasy value for the remainder of the year.

8.    LAA - Howie Kendrick - The batting average is always solid, but Kendrick always leaves his owners wanting more of the counting stats. He never really hurts your team, just don't expect him to carry your team either.

9.    TOR - Brett Lawrie - The Blue Jays second baseman could be on the DL until well into August. Look for Munenori Kawasaki and Steve Tolleson to fill-in until Lawrie returns, unless a trade is pulled-off before the deadline. 

10.  KCR - Omar Infante - The top 3 RBI totals at 2B in the AL go to: Robinson Cano, Ian Kinsler, and Omar Infante?.?... Yeah, I did a double-take on that also. Having another quiet but helpful year for fantasy owners.

11. TEX - Rougned Odor - Odor's stat-line in the 1st half isn't overwhelming, but it is solid if nothing else. The counting stats will improve when the Rangers start hitting like the Rangers. Unfortunately, that might not come until next year. 

12. CHW - Gordon Beckham - These last few spots in the rankings our held down by players that could be out of a job soon. The White Sox have speedster Micah Johnson in Triple-A. This former top prospect never lived up to the expectations.

13. BAL - Jonathan Schoop - A top prospect coming into the season, Schoop has been a disappointment for those fantasy owners hoping for a break-out. If he doesn't get it going soon, the Orioles could look elsewhere.

14. NYY - Brian Roberts - I wouldn't be surprised if the Yankees upgraded at second base before the trade deadline and Roberts became completely irrelevant.

15. OAK - Nick Punto - It's amazing that the Oakland A's are the best team in baseball at the break, and they do it with guys like this. Eric Sogard will take some playing time away, but Punto has been getting the nod the most lately. 

Other qualifying 2B:

Mookie Betts - Mookie should carry 2B eligibility while playing in the outfield for the Red Sox. If he can log everyday AB's, I could see him providing Howie Kendrick-level production for the rest of the year.

 Jurickson Profar - It looks as though it could be a lost season for the once top rated prospect. The bright side: Profar should be had for very cheap in 2015 fantasy drafts.

 Kelly Johnson - Yankee Stadium! Yankee Stadium! Right-field porch! Sorry, but a 20-foot shorter fence won't turn just anybody into the next Babe Ruth. See: Entire Yankees line-up. Look elsewhere.