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Gregory Polanco to be called up on Friday

Gregory Polanco is coming! Gregory Polanco is coming!!!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

According to Tim Williams from, the Pirates will call up outfield prospect Gregory Polanco on Friday. Here is Tim:

I received word from two different sources that Gregory Polanco will be getting the call to Pittsburgh on Thursday, and will be activated for Friday's game. He is still in Indianapolis, and is expected to leave tomorrow for Pittsburgh.

I am not sure if this has been confirmed, or denied, by the team, but it makes sense for the Pirates to call him up, as they are playing their best ball of the season, and he will certainly improve their lineup.

I  wrote about Polanco in a recent Roundup, saying that he could be called up in the next week or so:

Pirates outfield prospect Gregory Polanco is one of the best hitting prospects in baseball and is due to be called up within the next few weeks, or sooner.  He has the power to be a middle of the order hitter down the road, but a recent report indicates the Pirates, who really don't have a leadoff hitter presently, are going to give Polanco a shot at hitting in the leadoff spot upon his call up


I don't need to tell you how good Polanco is, but the fact that he will be hitting leadoff once he is called up affords him the opportunity to steal more bases. It appears this is the final step he needs to take before getting called up within the next week or so. I doubt he is available in most leagues, but if he is, grab him if you can.

I assume the Pirates saw enough of Polanco batting leadoff this week and feel he is ready for the big leagues. You think? He was ready back in April.

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