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DFS: FanDuel Top Plays For Tuesday June 24th

The daily fantasy grind never stops. Here are Dug Fister's recommended plays for Tuesday's FanDuel lineups.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first day of your new life - I mean the first day of your new DFS life.  Today marks the first day we will be covering FanDuel.  Yes it will be a tough adjustment at first, but like everything in life - it will get better.  If you missed our introduction to FanDuel yesterday, check it out and read it before diving in to things.  With that being said, shall we get to business?

All players' prices based on FanDuel values.

P - Andrew Heaney, Miami Marlins, $5,100 - I went with one of the cheapest options on the board today, why? Just to show you what kind of team you can build on FanDuel when spending wisely on your pitcher.

C - Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals, $3,500 - Molina mashes lefties, and is playing in Coors Field tonight.  Sorry to break it to you, but expect to see a few more lefty mashers from St. Louis on our roster today.

1B - Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs, $3,600 - I said this guy would be a top 5 national league first basemen in roto before the season started, but he is starting to look like a top 5 first basemen period.  Tonight Rizzo is at home versus Homer Bailey, keyword "homer".

2B - Robinson Cano, Seattle Mariners, $4,200 - This is what you get when you spend wisely on pitching, and go for upside.  The best 2B in baseball on your team, with a favorable matchup.  Tonight Jake Peavy takes the mound for the Red Sox, a right-handed pitcher than Cano has enjoyed success against in his career.  I love it.

3B - Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers, $4,100 - Oh look another elite positional player.  You know Heaney is going to get lit up tonight with all this bragging I am doing.  Beltre gets a nice matchup against Drew Smyly in Detroit.  By the end of the night Smyly might change his name to Frowny with the way Texas hits lefties.

SS - Jhonny Peralta, St. Louis Cardinals, $3,000 - Another righty bat from St. Louis, Peralta has mega power, we all know that, and this is a great price for him at Coors Field.  This might be the long awaited offensive breakout the Cardinals have been waiting for.

OF 1 - Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles, $4,300 - We are about to take two Orioles back to back.  Adam Jones has been on a tear this month, and there is no way I could pass on him tonight against Jose Quintana.

OF 2 - Nelson Cruz, Baltimore Orioles, $4,400 - Cruz has slowed down big time, but he is a streaky hitter, we all expected him to come down to earth.  Tonight as mentioned with Jones he faces Quintana, and I believe there is a chance of a big game here.  I haven't looked at the Vegas lines yet, but I assume the total is over 8.5.

OF 3 - Allen Craig, St. Louis Cardinals, $2,800 - The last player on the list, also from the Cardinals, Mr. Allen Craig.  As I am writing this, Craig is 0-4 against the Rockies so far tonight, so hopefully he goes 5-5 tomorrow.  Craig is one of the best run producers in baseball (although he hasn't been great as of late), add to the mix playing in Coors and facing a lefty - it's a recipe for success.

As always be sure to check the weather in the city your players are playing in. Don't forget to check lineups either, nothing worse than having a rostered player on your squad that isn't in the lineup