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2014 NFL Draft: Who do you want your team to pick today?

We like to discuss our fantasy teams here at Fake Teams, but with the 2014 NFL draft beginning today, let's discuss who our favorite teams are and who we want them to pick today.

Ethan Miller

We focus on our fantasy teams here at Fake Teams, but as football fans, we all have our favorite teams, right? I am a big Kansas City Chiefs fan, and have been since the 70's when Len Dawson was throwing to Otis Taylor, and the defense was led by Willie Lanier, Bobby Bell and Buck Buchanon.

We all want our teams to take the best player available when their name is called on draft day, but many teams will draft based on need, rather than best player available. After their horrific playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts, I think the Chiefs should draft a defensive back or three. They also need another wide receiver to give quarterback Alex Smith someone to throw to along with Dwayne Bowe, and to keep running back Jamaal Charles healthy.

What I would like you all to do today is tell us who your favorite team is and who they should take in round 1 tonight. Go!!