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Cardinals to call up Oscar Taveras

Reports this evening indicate Oscar Taveras will be called up to the majors.

Rob Carr

There is a report out this evening that Cardinals top prospect, Oscar Taveras, will be called up to the big league club. Here is Bob Rains, a Cardinals beat writer for STLSportspage, via Twitter:

It is unknown at this point who is getting sent down, but I wonder why the Cardinals waited this long to call him up if they were going to call him up before the Super Two deadline.

I imagine Taveras will play centerfield every day, but who knows at this point. More on the call up as we learn more about the Cardinals plans. Either way, make sure you go pick him up off your league waiver wire as soon as possible, The Cardinals aren't calling him up to sit on the bench. He will be playing every day.


From Max Wildstein, on Twitter:

Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold has confirmed, via Twitter, the Taveras call up: