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Cliff Lee to the DL with an elbow strain

Phillies ace Cliff Lee was placed on the DL with an elbow strain on Tuesday evening. Here is the fantasy impact.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Early last night, we received news from Jim Salisbury from Comcast Sportsnet that Phillies ace Cliff Lee had an MRI on his left elbow:

Certainly not good news when a pitcher is sent to have an MRI on his pitching elbow. If Lee has been pitching with pain for the last three weeks, then the elbow strain had to have gotten worse, no?

Late last night, Salisbury tweeted the news everyone was waiting for:

Well, the news could have been worse, but the fact that Salisbury tweets that the Phillies hope it is just a 15 day DL stint tells me that he will miss more than 15 days.

This is a blow to all of Lee's owners, and he is really not replaceable unless you play is a 10-12 team mixed league where guys like Dallas Keuchel are available. Keuchel actually has pitched better than Lee this season, so, by all means, go out and grab him if he is available in your mixed league. Most NL only league owners will have a real tough time to replace Lee, so grabbing a middle reliever might be the best option.

Hopefully.....hopefully, Lee can return when eligible after the 15 days are up, but that looks bleak at the moment. All you can do is cross your fingers and hope the injury doesn't end his season.