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Welcome Fake Teams new fantasy writers

Fake Teams has added several new fantasy writers to the writing staff to once again cover fantasy football. In addition, we added writers to cover other sports as well. Please welcome all new writers to the Fake Teams community.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, I posted an ad here at Fake Teams looking for fantasy football writers, and I was overwhelmed with such a positive response to the ad that it took me several weeks to review all of the fan posts. The ad not only brought us fantasy football writers, but also writers to cover fantasy baseball, fantasy soccer covering the World Cup and the English Premier League, and fantasy hockey.

I want to thank everyone who submitted a fan post or reached out to me via email, as I couldn't be happier with the response. There were more than enough good writers to choose from resulting from the ad and my decisions were not easy. This announcement does not mean I will stop looking for fantasy writers, as I am always looking to add good writers who have a passion for fantasy sports.

I also want to say that I may look to add a fantasy baseball writer or two in the near future, so I will review the fan posts that were submitted recently. My focus was on football for the most part, so don't let this announcement be a deterrent if you are still interested in writing.

In addition, there is a possibility that SB Nation fantasy football's site may be looking for writers later in the summer, so feel free to reach out to me, or post a fan post if you still have interest in writing.

With that said, please welcome the new fantasy writers here at Fake Teams:

Fantasy Football

Alex Welch

Brad Duffendack

Wes Collier

Jacob Adler

Robert Keeley

Brad Coustan

Jordan Cable

Kylan Easterling

Fantasy Baseball

Dug Fister

Fantasy EPL/World Cup

Will Jordan

Fantasy Hockey

Troy Langefeld

Please welcome all new writers to the Fake Teams fantasy sports community.

I am excited to once again offer fantasy football coverage for our readers. We will begin our fantasy football coverage on Monday, where we will address the upcoming NFL draft all next week. We will provide, among other things, position rankings of the players being drafted at each skill position in the 2014 NFL Draft, highlighting some of the players who could have a fantasy impact in 2014.

Once the draft coverage is over, we will get into early position rankings, team by team previews from a fantasy perspective, sleepers, players to target, players to avoid, draft strategies, and much, much more.