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DFS: DraftKings Top Plays For Wednesday May 14th Early Games Only

The daily fantasy grind never stops. Here are our recommended plays for Wednesday's DraftKings lineups.

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DraftKings has split todays' MLB games in to two - early and late (obviously).  I decided to write about the early games for two reason - 1) I don't like the late game pitchers, 2) I never write about the early games.  I decided to focus on Oakland today for our offense since they seem to be unstoppable right now - but I will get into that soon.

Since I won't be talking about the night games I'll leave a couple tips.  You can use the Minnesota Twins players I suggested last night since Doubronts' start got pushed back to today - ironically Eduardo Nunez homered, so if you used him good job.  Two more pitchers I'd look in to stacking against are the Marlins and the Mets - they both have rookie pitchers going for the first time tonight, use this to your advantage.

Without further ado lets get to our business - and yes its "ado" not "adieu".

All players' prices based on DraftKings values

SP 1 - Madison Bumgarner, San Francisco Giants, $9,900 - MadBum is facing the Atlanta Braves, a team he has already owned in their home park this season.  The way the Braves have been playing of late I expect a gem - and beating up on Ryan Vogelsong doesn't count, he still struck them out eight times.

SP 2 - Tommy Milone, Oakland Athletics, $7,300 - That Drew Pomeranz play was genius last night, too bad he couldn't go further in to the game due to a really low pitch limit.  Today Milone, another lefty on the Oakland staff, takes on the team with the most strikeouts - I just hope Milone is the same guy from Friday who pitched a gem against the Nationals.

C - John Jaso, Oakland Athletics, $3,700 - This is the first Athletic in our lineup, and trust me, you will get sick of me talking smack about Rienzo by Yoenis Cespedes.  The A's are hot offensively currently, and we need to ride this out.  Play as many as you can.

1B - Brandon Moss, Oakland Athletics, $3,900 - Moss hit two homers last night. I doubt he will repeat that tonight, but I am sure he will be effective regardless.  He is also really underpriced - so that's a bonus.

2B - Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies, $5,100 - Utley is starting to heat up again, he is averaging almost 10 FPPG in his last 10 games.  Today he squares off against Garrett Richards a pitcher who in the preseason I thought would break out (and he is), but even breakout pitchers are prone to get lit up.

3B - Nolan Arenado, Colorado Rockies, $4,400 - I could have easily slotted Donaldson here, but why be predictable?  I like this matchup for Arenado against a downward spiraling Jason Vargas, this could get ugly.

SS - J.J. Hardy, Baltimore Orioles, $3,700 - Can this dude hit a bomb already?  Hardy started off extremely slow last year as well, and you might think I am crazy for playing him against Justin Verlander, but he has good career numbers against him, including three homers.

OF 1 - Yoenis Cespedes, Oakland Athletics, $4,600 - Yoenis hasn't homered since Friday, and by the way the Athletics have been mashing,  that is a long time.  Let's hope he hits a bomb today.

OF 2 - Josh Reddick, Oakland Athletics, $3,400 - Reddick has hit quite well in the series against the White Sox, so he gets a punt approval from me.  Rienzo is a right-handed pitcher who isn't that great, so I like Reddick who hits considerably better against righties.

OF 3 - Angel Pagan, San Francisco Giants, $4,000 - I don't expect much power from Pagan, but he causes chaos on the bases.  Pagan has a tough matchup today against Julio Teheran, but I'll take my chances on Pagan.

As always be sure to check the weather in the city your players are playing in. Don't forget to check lineups either, nothing worse than having a rostered player on your squad that isn't in the lineup.