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DFS: DraftKings Top Plays For Tuesday May 13th

The daily fantasy grind never stops. Here are our recommended plays for Tuesday's DraftKings lineups.

Lisa Blumenfeld

Wow, this was probably the toughest DFS lineup I've ever had to write.  I like so many players tonight, and I can't have them all - well I can, but I'm not about to write a 5,000 page article about all the players I like and why.  I am a bit concerned about the weather in the East today, but I will play close attention to it, and will tweet if there are any problems.  Another thing I'd like to bring up is that you guys can always tweet me and ask me questions regarding DFS or even your rotisserie league. I try and respond to everyone, and am always willing to help.

All players' prices based on DraftKings values

SP 1 - Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals, $12,500 - So this is the second night in a row I've chosen the most expensive pitcher on the board - you know why? Because I highly doubt the Cubs will score 17 runs again, and Wainwright is the definition of "ace".

SP 2 - Drew Pomeranz, Oakland Athletics, $6,000 - Pomeranz is a guy I really like. I drafted him in a lot of roto leagues because I knew eventually he will have a spot in the rotation.  Tonight he squares off against the Chicago White Sox, a team who is not really known for hitting lefties that well.  At this price I'll take a shot - even though last night I tried it with Tyler Lyons and boy that didn't end up well.

Note: I also like Josh Beckett and Dallas Keuchel tonight, as I said in the intro there are too many good options tonight.

C - Kurt Suzuki, Minnesota Twins, $3,400 - Suzuki is really hitting the ball well so far this season, He's a good contact hitter and with Felix Doubront on the mound tonight I expect some guys on the bases for him to drive in.

1B - Matt Adams, St. Louis Cardinals, $3,400 - I expect revenge by the Red Birds tonight.  Adams should slide back in to the cleanup spot tonight against Jake Arietta, a right handed pitcher who is kind of "Jekyll and Hyde" - meaning you don't know which guy shows up.

2B - Rougned Odor, Texas Rangers, $2,000 - I highly doubt Odors' price will be $2,000 the next time DraftKings updates their prices.  If you didn't read our profile on Odor you should. He has a good pedigree, and should hit for average.

3B - Matt Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals, $4,400 - Pretty much the same reason as Matt Adams - Jake Arietta can't be trusted.

SS - Eduardo Nunez, Minnesota Twins, $3,100 - Nunez has hit quite well against Doubront in his career, and makes an interesting semi-punt play.  Since I wanted some cap relief for our outfield, I don't mind this at all.

OF 1 - Melky Cabrera, Toronto Blue Jays, $4,700 - Melky has hit Justin Masterson pretty well in his career - .556 average, with one homer.  This game is the highest over/under on the board tonight so you can expect some runs.

OF 2 - Nelson Cruz, Baltimore Orioles, $4,900 - Cruz is clearly playing with a chip on his shoulder this season for the way he was treated this offseason.  Tonight he faces lefty Drew Smyly - a pitcher who I actually like, but he needs to prove himself.  Cruz hits lefties significantly better than righties, and should have a big game in Baltimore.

OF 3 - Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Dodgers, $5,200 - Do any of you remember the game NBA Jam?  When a player would hit three shots in a row the announcer would scream "He's on fire" - well now imagine me screaming that.  Puig has hit three homers and has six RBIs in his last four games.  I am going to plug him in to all my lineups tonight when he faces Jacob Turner of the Miami Marlins.

As always be sure to check the weather in the city your players are playing in. Don't forget to check lineups either, nothing worse than having a rostered player on your squad that isn't in the lineup.