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DFS: DraftKings Lineups for Wednesday, April 30th

The daily fantasy grind never stops. Here are our recommended plays for Wednesday's DraftKings lineups.


A few days ago I told Ray - "The lineup I wrote about today is killing it, but I didn't play it", so Ray said, "Always go with your gut".  Yesterday I put out a great roster again, and guess what? I didn't play it again, but as I told Ray, at least I'm giving our readers great advice, and that's what matters at the end of the day.

In DFS, you can't think about what you should have done, you need to focus on what you did right, even if it was wrong.  Sometimes the right decision doesn't always pan out; it's about how you played your hand.

Anyways lets get to our business, and todays' roster.

All players' prices based on DraftKings values

SP 1 - Jordan Zimmermann, Washington Nationals, $9,400 - Zimmerman takes on the Houston Astros tonight.  Zimmerman isn't really a strikeout pitcher, but the Astros are a strikeout team, I predict Zimmerman strikes out eight if he is on his "A-Game" tonight.

SP 2 - Drew Hutchison, Toronto Blue Jays, $6,900 - The one bright spot of the Blue Jays rotation has been Hutchison.  Hutchison struck out nine batters in his last outing, and due to a bullpen collapse he ended with a no decision.  Hope he has better luck against the Royals tonight.

C - Carlos Santana, Cleveland Indians, $3,800 - I've been following Santana's career for a long time. I know when he is heating up, and tonight will be the third night in a row I will play him.  Expect his price to go over $4,000 after tomorrow.

1B - Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies, $3,600 - Yes, this isn't the sexiest option at 1B but Howard has two homers in two at bats against Colon.  I do understand the laws of average, but I'll take my chances on Howard.

2B - Aaron Hill, Arizona Diamondbacks, $4,300 - Hill is swinging a decent bat as of late, and he faces off against the mistake prone Jordan Lyles.  Given how this series has gone so far, I wouldn't expect this to be a low scoring affair.

3B - Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay Rays, $4,700 - So Longoria gets Felix Doubront tonight, you know what that means? Rays Stack!!!! And no I'm not talking about my editor.  I have no faith in Doubront, and will definitely have a lineup full of Rays in tourneys.

SS - Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies, $5,700 - Remember what I said on Monday? About Chase Field being a mini Coors? Well, Tulowitzki has homered in both games there so far, and with Josh Collmenter on the mound, I feel more confident.

OF 1 - Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado Rockies, $4,000 - CarGo is due for a homerun, that's why I keep throwing him in here.  Even though he hasn't hit a jack in awhile, he is still producing in other categories.  At this price you can't say no.

OF 2 - Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins, $4,400 - Speaking of good prices, here is one, Stanton hit another bomb off Alex Wood last night, and with Aaron Harang due for an implosion I thought this would be a great time to roster Stanton.

OF 3 - Wil Myers, Tampa Bay Rays, $3,200 - As mentioned with Longoria, I will be using as many right handed Rays' hitters as I can roster.  Myers has been hitting the ball recently... finally, so take him while he is dirt-cheap.

As always be sure to check the weather in the city your players are playing in.  Don't forget to check lineups either, nothing worse than having a rostered player on your squad that isn't in the lineup.