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DFS: DraftKings Lineups for Tuesday, April 29th

The daily fantasy grind never stops. Here are our recommended plays for Tuesday's DraftKings lineups.

Mike Ehrmann

I really hope whoever read my article played my team last night.  The pitching wasn't great but our offense got it done.  Tonight seems like another night where we might need to avoid certain games due to rain.  The only game I took that looks unsafe is the Mets/Phillies, but hopefully the weather changes in our favor.

All players' prices based on DraftKings values

SP 1 - Matt Cain, San Francisco Giants, $7,800 - Ok, this price has to be a glitch in the matrix.  Cain owns the Padres with a 2.44 ERA, and over a strikeout per inning, playing at home against the Padres.  Not to mention Cain is the second biggest favorite money line wise in Vegas.  Don't hesitate to plug Cain in to your lineup.

SP - Jose Fernandez, Miami Marlins, $11,600 - Fernandez is my favorite player in baseball.  He is must see TV.  Going up a strikeout happy Atlanta Braves team, this might be a gem in the making.

C - Carlos Santana, Cleveland Indians, $3,800 - Santana doubled his homerun total and RBI total last night, hopefully this is a sign he is about to break out of the god awful slump he's been in.  Santana has a .500 batting average against Jered Weaver, so I feel comfortable taking him at this price.

1B - Edwin Encarnacion, Toronto Blue Jays, $3,700 - I feel like I'm robbing DraftKings with this price.  Given Encarnacions' history against Jason Vargas, this price is too low.  Encarnacion sports a .333 average with two homers, five RBIs and two stolen bases against Vargas.  Easy play for me.

2B - Daniel Murphy, New York Mets, $4,100 - Murphy is one player I think doesn't get enough respect.  He has good hitting tools, and does a decent job at 2B.  In his career he has a .353 average, with one homer, five RBIs and three bags against Cole Hamels, talk about a reverse split.

3B - David Wright, New York Mets, $4,600 - If you thought Murphy punishes Hamels, wait until I show you Wright's historical stats against Hamels - .349 average, five homers, 15 RBIs, and four stole bases.

SS - Brandon Crawford, San Francisco Giants, $2,900 - Another case of a reverse split here, Crawford has two homers against Eric Stults in only 11 at bats.  Call it a punt play with upside if it makes you feel better.

OF 1 - Matt Joyce, Tampa Bay Rays, $4,200 - If the season ended in May every season, Matt Joyce would have more MVP awards than Miguel Cabrera.  I love Joyce against right-handed pitchers, and to make it even better - it's at Fenway Park versus John Lackey.

OF 2 - John Mayberry, Philadelphia Phillies, $2,200 - Laugh all you want at this pick, but Mayberry has three homers and seven RBIs against Jonathon Niese.  This was the cheapest outfielder I could find, who could potentially give us the most points.

OF 3 - Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays, $5,100 - I like Bautista tonight because I am not a big believer in Jason Vargas, personally I think he's terrible, but what do I know?  I'll take one of the leagues best right-handed power hitters, against a mediocre lefty any day, no matter their history.

As always be sure to check the weather in the city your players are playing in.  Don't forget to check lineups either, nothing worse than having a rostered player on your squad that isn't in the lineup.