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2014 World Cup Fantasy Kick Off!

Previewing what all we will have here on Fake Teams as 32 countries battle for the ultimate prize.

Cameron Spencer

We are only 50 days away from kickoff of the 2014 World Cup! Will Brazil be ready? No one knows. I am sure the "lady entertainment" will be more than ready.

I'm excited and I know you are as well so I figured I would start off our World Cup coverage with a little news going into our full coverage starting next week. Here are some things we will be offering:

- We WILL have a fantasy league for the World Cup that will be overseen by, most likely, myself. I am still looking at different sites that hosts this and will pick one before the end of the week. Any suggestions? Tweet me (@brianjstultz) or leave it in the comments. My editor (and I) love comments!

- In the coming weeks, I am going to have a look at each group and break those teams down. I will also be making fun of each country by taking facts from their Wikipedia page and knocking them for it. Get used to it. It's all in good fun. I don't really hate your country. Well, besides France. Screw you.

- I am going to be joined across the pond by Will Jordan (@KingWillyJ) where he will give us a rundown of how the country feels about the Three Lions ranging from "Hopeful" to "Bollix". I look forward to our discussions and bringing up Robert Green as much as possible.

- With the limited time difference between the host nation and myself, I plan on catching a lot of the action. If you don't follow me on Twitter, please do. It will help me reach you, the readers, and give us a chance to discuss the matches as they happen.

- I am going to ask my fellow writers at Fake Teams to do a short preview as well at their convenience. We will post all of those the week before the start of the World Cup.

- Oh, screw the Dutch as well. Bunch of choking chokers.

- THE WINNER of the World Cup fantasy league will be given a prize. Don't get too excited. It won't be monetary. Most likely writing my column for me. Shouldn't that be enough?

- Other ideas might pop up between all of us so, if you have an idea for a column or preview, let us know!

So, let's have fun with this. I, for one, am not making the trip to Brazil so I will be watching all of the action at a local sports bar here in Auburn, Ala. I might make a weekend trip to Atlanta every now and then to watch at a proper soccer bar so, if any of my readers are in the Atlanta area, we can plan a meet up.

GO U-S-A! (Los gehts Deutschland!)