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"Make the Grade" Prospect Reports

Make sure to check in each Friday as our "Make the Grade" prospect reports take a look at some of the top talent in the minor leagues.


Now that the fantasy baseball season is underway, and I'm finally catching back up on sleep due to the birth of our first child, our Fake Teams "Make the Grade" prospect reports will be returning every Friday to profile some of the top talent in the minor leagues. These reports put a fantasy spin on player evaluation that you just can't get from many other minor league prospect websites.

Feel free to push for your favorite prospects to get their own write-up in the comments section below. If there is enough love for your guy, we will take notice.

Listed below are the links to each of our "Make the Grade" articles that have been released so far this spring. Make sure to catch back up on our previous articles and let us know who you would like to see "Make the Grade" next.

OF - Byron Buxton 98% - A

SS - Addison Russell 94% - A

3B - Miguel Sano 94% - A

OF - George Springer 93% - A

3B - Kris Bryant 93% - A

2B - Rougned Odor 88% - B+

C - Jorge Alfaro 88% - B+

SS - Francisco Lindor 85% - B

2B - Arismendy Alcantara 85% - B

1B - Dan Vogelbach 82% - B

1B - C.J. Cron 80% - B-