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Tout Wars Mixed Online Draft: Follow live at 7pm

The Tout Wars mixed online draft is tonight at 7pm ET. Follow it live here.


The Tout Wars mixed online draft is tonight beginning at 7pm ET, and you can follow it live here. This is the first of the four Tout Wars drafts that will be held over the next two weeks. I participated in this league last year and finished fifth. This year, I was asked to participate in the live mixed league auction held in New York City on Saturday March 22nd at 3pm.

The NL only Tout Wars auction takes place on March 22nd at 9am, while the AL only auction takes place on Sunday March 23rd at 10am. All auctions take place in New York City.

Tonights draft is online and you can follow it live at, or click the link below:

Follow the live spreadsheet here.

The partiipants

Draft order was selected by owners in the order of last year's finish.

Tom Kessenich (100)
Perry Van Hook (100)
Eno Sarris (100)
Greg Ambrosius (100)
Tim McLeod (100)
Paul Greco (98)
Nick Minnix (95)*
Grey Albright (82)
Scott Engel (81)
Anthony Perri (72)
Ray Murphy (100)*
Adam Ronis (100)*
Charlie Wiegert (93)
Paul Sporer (100)*
Brent Hershey (84)

I will follow this post up with some thoughts on the first few rounds later this evening, and another on the complete draft results in the next day or two.