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Fantasy Baseball: Top 20 NL only first baseman for 2014

Ray offers his top 20 NL only fantasy first baseman for 2014, headed by Paul Goldschmidt. Check out where Ryan Howard, Matt Adams and Brandon Belt rank for NL only leagues.

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Now that we have completed our consensus position rankings for 2014, it is time to address rankings for those of you in AL only and NL only leagues. I will publish league specific position rankings each day, addressing one position at a time, starting with the NL only position rankings.

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I will start the NL only rankings series with the first base position. The first base position is relatively deep for those in NL only leagues, but after the top 7-8 first baseman, there is a slight drop off in the 9-12 range, then a big drop off after the top 12.

The NL only first base position is headed by one of the top hitters in baseball, Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt. Goldschmidt is currently the third player off draft boards after Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera.

After Goldschmidt, you have the twins separated at birth, Joey Votto and Freddie Freeman. Here are their 2013 stats:

Votto: .305-.435-.491, 24 HRs, 101 runs, 73 RBI

Freeman: .319-.396-.501, 23 HRs, 89 runs, 109 RBI

The two are very similar hitters, assuming Freeman can repeat his batting average jump in 2014, with Freeman driving in more runs and Votto scoring more runs. Both hit home runs and get on base at a similar rate.

The next five, from Adrian Gonzalez to Anthony Rizzo are solid fantasy first baseman, but come with some negatives as well. Gonzalez hits for decent power, solid batting average and will drive in 90-100 RBI, but doesn't score many runs. Trumbo is possibly the best power hitter at the first base position in the NL, but has some warts as well, as he strikes out a ton and won't hit for a high average. Craig will hit for a high average and drive in runs, but the power production was a disappointment last season. Rizzo will hit for power, and will need more work in the luck department this season for his batting average to improve.

After Rizzo, you have two first baseman in Brandon Belt and Michael Cuddyer who hit for some power and a high batting average, and both are solid value picks at the postion in NL only leagues this season.

The group from Matt Adams to Garret Jones are hitters with plenty of issues at the plate, but have some value as all five can provide solid power totals, but little else. Morneau might be the most well rounded of the bunch, especially hitting in Coors Field. Ryan Howard has a chance for redemption after two injury - shortened seasons hitting in the best home run hitting ball park in 2013. Adams gets his first chance of playing on a full-time basis, but the Cardinals have Oscar Taveras waiting in the wings. Once he is ready, Craig could push Adams to a bench role or make dams trade bait.




Paul Goldschmidt


Joey Votto


Freddie Freeman


Adrian Gonzalez


Mark Trumbo


Allen Craig


Buster Posey


Anthony Rizzo


Brandon Belt


Michael Cuddyer


Matt Adams


Ryan Howard


Justin Morneau


Michael Morse


Adam LaRoche


Ike Davis


Garrett Jones


Yonder Alonso


Lucas Duda


Darin Ruf

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