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Fantasy Baseball Rankings and Projections for 2014: A Recap

We have just one position to go in our 2014 consensus position rankings and projections series. Here is a recap of our position rankings and projections published to date.

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We are in the middle of rankings season, and over the last three weeks have published our consensus rankings and projections for the top 30 fantasy catchers, first basemen and second basemen. We have dedicated a week to each position, and along with each of the rankings pieces we have published plenty of MLB and MiLB player profiles, draft strategy, players to target and avoid, sleepers, and breakout and bust candidates as well.

Below you will find links to all of our position rankings and projections that we have published to date:

Catcher: Part 1| Part 2

First Base: Part 1| Part 2

Second Base: Part 1| Part 2

Shortstop: Part 1| Part 2

Third Base: Part 1| Part 2

Outfielders: Part 1| Part 2| Part 3

In addition, here are the EFA (Equivalent Fantasy Average) Projections courtesy of Daniel Kelley:

Catcher EFA

First Base EFA

Second Base EFA

Equivalent Fantasy Average: An Update

Shortstop EFA

Third Base EFA

Outfielder EFA

If you are looking for a draft strategy at each position, here are links to the draft strategy pieces from Zack Smith:

Catcher draft strategy

First base draft strategy

Second base draft strategy

Shortstop draft strategy

Third Base draft strategy

Outfielder draft strategy

Fantasy Rundown

If you are looking for more position rankings, or plain old fantasy baseball goodness, make sure you check out Fantasy Rundown, your one place to get all things fantasy.