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Did you know Fake Teams is on Facebook?

Ray announces that Fake Teams is on Facebook so, readers can now check out all Fake Teams articles on Facebook going forward.

Al Bello

We appreciate you reading Fake Teams on a daily basis, and I am very happy that you follow us on Twitter. On Twitter, we provide links to all of our articles posted here at Fake Teams, in addition to my rants and ramblings every day. There are plenty of ways to read Fake Teams, and we want to expand that a little further today.

Do you keep up with the goings on with family members and friends that you haven't seen in years on Facebook? Well, while you're doing so, you can now get all of our articles on Fake Teams Facebook page. Some of you may or may not know that Fake Teams is on Facebook, but today I want to let you know that, going forward, you can check out all of our articles on Facebook as well. I will be linking all of our articles there going forward. In addition, I will be posting fantasy baseball related questions, and if the following gets large enough, I could even host a chat over there.

How do you do this? By "Liking" the Fake Teams Facebook page, and check it our when you are getting updates from friends on Facebook! Click on the link or go to and click the big old "Like" button and you're done! If you do that, it will make my day!

If you don't Like it, let me know what is missing and I will do my best to improve the page over the next few weeks.

Hey, if Yankees great Derek Jeter can announce his retirement on Facebook, I think I should show more love to our readers there.