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Consensus Position Rankings Schedule: Third Base

Ray publishes the schedule for Third Base Week for the Fake Teams Consensus Position Rankings series that began a few weeks ago. Here is what you can expect during Third Base Week.


We hope everyone enjoyed Shortstop Base Week last week here at Fake Teams. This week we bring you Third Base Week, and the week will kick off with the Landscape of the Third Base Position. We have more 2014 consensus rankings to share with you, including projections and EFAs for each of the Top 30 fantasy third baseman, along with player profiles for some players who come into the 2014 season with some questions marks, including Pedro Alvarez, Nolan Arenado, Manny Machado and others.

In addition to the MLB player profits, we will be profiling the following first base prospects: Colin Moran, Miguel Sano, Kris Bryant and others.

Like last year, we will be publishing the Fake Teams Consensus Position Rankings. We will be covering a position per week and will run through the week of March 3rd. Below is the current schedule:

Rankings Week Schedule

Catchers: January 20th (completed)

First Base: January 27th (completed)

Second Base: February 3rd (completed)

Shortstop: February 10th (completed)

Third Base: February 17th

Outfielders: February 24th

Starting Pitchers: March 3rd

In addition to the player profiles, we will be publishing projections and auction dollar values for the very first time. Daniel Schwartz, who runs the Rotobanter fantasy baseball site, has agreed to provide us his 2014 projections and auction dollar values for every player ranked. He has spent all offseason on his projections, and to learn more about how he calculates his projections, you can read his explanations here: Part 1| Part 2| Part 3. Part 1 details his projection approach, Part 2 details how he calculates his hitter projections and part 3 details how he calculates his pitcher projections.

Along with the rankings, projections and auction values, Daniel Kelley has volunteered to provide his newly created Equivalent Fantasy Average for each of the third baseman ranked as well, so we will be providing much more than just the rankings this season.

In addition to the rankings and projections, we will be providing player profiles for each of the major league third baseman ranked. Unlike last season, we have decided not to publish fantasy prospect position rankings, as most of them won't have on an impact on fantasy rosters this season anyway. Instead, we will publish prospect profiles for prospects who could/should have an impact on fantasy rosters in 2014, and on a few prospects who you should target in keeper/dynasty league drafts. We feel that these profiles will give you a better idea as to who to draft and who to keep your eye on should they be called up this season.

Our coverage won't stop there, as we aim to please, and we will be providing you with player profiles on some players who could be sleepers this season or players who could breakout. Like last year, the Fake Teams fantasy baseball writers will provide you with the third  baseman to target and the third  baseman to avoid this season in a staff post on Thursday and Friday.

You like sleepers? We will have a piece on those as well, as new Fake Teams writer Jasper Scherer and I will provide separate articles on AL-only and NL-only third  base sleepers for 2014.

Need a strategy on draft day? We have you covered there as well. Zack Smith will offer his thoughts on what you should know on draft day and what strategy you should use with the third  base position.

Finally, I will analyze the current ADP trends at the third  base position so you know what to expect on draft day.

With all that said, this is the template for each week of our consensus position rankings series, and we look forward to interacting with you each day. We are here to share our knowledge with you with the hope that you can win your fantasy leagues in 2014.

Below you will find the schedule for Third  Base Week:

Time Slot/Day







State of the Position (Alex)

Prospect Profile: Colin Moran (Brian C.)

Top 30 Third Base Rankings, Part 2 (Ray)

Third Basemen to Target (Staff)

Third Basemen to Avoid (Staff)


Top 30 Third Base Rankings, Part 1 (Ray)

Prospect Profile: Garin Cecchini (Jason)

Prospect Profile: Kris Bryant (Matt)

Prospect Profile: Miguel Sano (Matt)

AL-only sleepers (Ray)


Third Base Profile: Nolan Arenado (Zack)

Third Base Profile: Manny Machado (Alex)

Prospect Profile: Maikel Franco (Jason)

Third Base Profile: Will Middlebrooks (Joe)

NL-only Sleepers (Jasper)


Third Base Profile: Pedro Alvarez (Daniel)

Third Base Profile: Chris Johnson (Zack)

2014 Third Base Draft Strategy (Zack)

Breakout Candidate: Brett Lawrie (Daniel)

Prospect Profile: Nick Castellanos (Brian C.)


Third Base ADP Trends (Ray)

EFA Analysis: Third Base (Daniel K.)