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Week 14 Quarterback Rankings

Week 14 is here and the majority of fantasy leagues are gearing up for their playoffs. Most teams will decide to stick with the quarterback that got them to the position of competing for the championship. But what about the potential new starter in Cleveland? Can you trust "Johnny Football" in your lineups this week with your fantasy football life on the line?

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Week 14 is finally here and hopefully you are still in contention for your fantasy championship. If you've been following along all season with the good people here at Fake Teams, I assume you are.

Now is the time when every lineup decision will drive you insane throughout the weak and we are here to assist and get you through to the next round so that you can stress out over it for another week.

This year, the NFL provided a little twist heading into the most crucial time of the fantasy season......Johnny Football. Could Manziel be the fresh legs to lead you straight to your championship? Or will he be fool's gold that subjects your team to a crushing defeat?

If you are fortunate to have Rodgers, Luck, Brady, Brees, or Wilson, I would play them no questions asked. They are a large part of the reason that you are still in contention and I would have to ride them all the way to the end. However, if you have been streaming your quarterbacks to get to this point, I would have to strongly consider playing Manziel this week - if he is given the starting job.

The Colts made Colt McCoy look like Johnny Football on his touchdown pass to Logan Paulsen, and he totaled almost 400 yards passing with 3 touchdowns. So what is going to happen now that the real Johnny Football is facing them this week in Cleveland?

Manziel is fresh and will have no problem using his rushing ability to run all over this weak Colts' defensive front. And now that they might not have Vontae Davis for the matchup against Josh Gordon, passing yards could come just as easily as they did for Colt McCoy as well.

Looking ahead past this weekend, the Browns face the Bengals and then the Panthers in the fantasy championship week. If we can get Mike Pettine to confirm the Johnny takeover, we could have a top-10 fantasy option fall right into our laps for the playoff run.

If, for some reason, the Browns decide to stick with Hoyer, there are some other streaming options that could help you get past this week.

Though the Jaguars defense has vastly improved from the beginning of the season, Ryan Fitzpatrick has shown an incredible connection with DeAndre Hopkins who could have another big game if the Jags intend to focus on stopping Arian Foster.

Colin Kaepernick has been disappointing this season, to say the least. However, he gets the Raiders who look to have packed it in after winning their Super Bowl against the Chiefs two weeks ago. If the Rams can put up 52 points against them, I would imagine Kaep can put together a good fantasy day for his owners.

And speaking of the 52 points, Shaun Hill will be another good option to follow up his great fantasy day with a trip to Washington to face a Redskin secondary that looks completely lost. Last week, they either they had no clue that Coby Fleener was a member of the Colts or they got some intel that he might have had some contagious disease. There was nobody within 20 yards of him on most of his catches.

Good luck to all this week. I hope you'll be back next week getting advice for setting your lineup in the semi-finals.





1 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers vs Falcons
2 Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts @ Browns
3 Tom Brady New England Patriots @ Chargers
4 Drew Brees New Orleans Saints vs Panthers
5 Peyton Manning Denver Broncos vs Bills
6 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks @ Eagles
7 Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys @ Bears
8 Andy Dalton Cincinnati Bengals vs Steelers
9 Jay Cutler Chicago Bears vs Cowboys

Johnny Manziel

Cleveland Browns vs Colts

Ben Roethlisberger

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Bengals

Matthew Stafford

Detroit Lions vs Buccaneers
13 Ryan Fitzpatrick Houston Texans @ Jaguars
14 Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers @ Raiders
15 Shaun Hill St. Louis Rams @ Redskins
16 Eli Manning New York Giants @ Titans
17 Cam Newton Carolina Panthers @ Saints
18 Ryan Tannehill Miami Dolphins vs Ravens
19 Phillip Rivers San Diego Chargers vs Patriots
20 Mark Sanchez Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle
21 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons @ Packers
22 Zach Mettenberger Tennessee Titans vs Giants
23 Joe Flacco Baltimore Ravens @ Dolphins
24 Kyle Orton Buffalo Bills @ Broncos
25 Alex Smith Kansas City Chiefs @ Cardinals
26 Teddy Bridgewater Minnesota Vikings vs Jets
27 Drew Stanton Arizona Cardinals vs Chiefs
28 Colt McCoy Washington Redskins vs Rams
29 Josh McCown Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Lions
30 Derek Carr Oakland Raiders vs 49ers
31 Blake Bortles Jacksonville Jaguars vs Texans
32 Geno Smith New York Jets @ Vikings