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EPL Boxing Day Preview

Taking a look at Boxing Day fantasy action by using Christmas movies.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There's something special about all of the matches on Boxing Day.  Maybe it is that the stress of the holidays are finally over, but I always enjoy sitting around all day and watching the coverage while cramming leftovers into my mouth.  It could be the leftovers.

Anyway, without further ado, here is your preview for who to play and who to bench for the matches on Friday, with a Christmas movie theme.  Off we go!


Joe Hart (Manchester City) - Just like A Christmas Story, Hart has become something that I have grown tired of.  Sure, he has his moments, but I have just seen it way too many times.  (VERDICT: BENCH)

Adrian (West Ham United) - Underrated and a pleasure to watch.  He's the Babes in Toyland of goalkeepers.  (VERDICT: PLAY)


Yun Suk-Young (Queens Park Rangers) - You have to get past the name, but, okay, you can't get past the name, but still, he is quite solid.  Sort of like Bill Murray's performance in Scrooged.  (VERDICT: PLAY)

Santiago Vergini (Sunderland) - Am I the only one feeling good vibes from this Sunderland squad?  I suppose I like The Holiday too much as well.  (VERDICT: PLAY)

Kieran Gibbs (Arsenal) - Just say no, like everyone should have said to Jonathan Taylor Thomas before making I'll Be Home for Christmas.  (VERDICT: BENCH)

Chris Smalling (Manchester United) - Consistent and will give you point.  Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.  (VERDICT: PLAY)

Wes Morgan (Leicester City) - Will dissolve at some point, just like Frosty did in Frosty the Snowman.  It won't be this week, though.  (VERDICT: PLAY)

Ashley Williams (Swansea City) - Just stay away, like award season did from The Polar Express.  (VERDICT: BENCH)


Yaya Toure (Manchester City) - Back to being brilliant, unlike Tim Allen in every Santa Clause.  (VERDICT: PLAY)

Raheem Sterling (Liverpool) - I like him more than others.  I also like Sandra Bullock more than most, hence I love While You Were Sleeping, although it is a bit creepy.  (VERDICT: PLAY)

Mousa Dembele (Tottenham Hotspur) - JINGLE ALL THE WAY!  (VERDICT: BENCH)

Tom Cleverley (Aston Villa) - Just doesn't feel right this week, like how Die Hard shouldn't be considered a Christmas movie.  (VERDICT: BENCH)

Kevin Mirallas (Everton) - NOW we are talking.  Great from top to bottom, in my opinion.  "SANNNNTTTTAAAAA!!!!!"  (VERDICT: PLAY)

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Steve Sidwell (Stoke City) - The perfect player goes with the perfect Christmas movie: Christmas Vacation.  (VERDICT: Do whatever you want with him)


Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) - I totally expect Rooney to take my pep talk to heart just as I expect my letters to reach Vince Vaughn telling him to stop making movies to impact him.  I also think Rooney would make a good Fred Claus.  (VERDICT: PLAY)

Lukas Podolski (Arsenal) - Has slowly made a comeback. Miracles (on 34th Street) CAN come true!  (VERDICT: PLAY)

Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) - Ernest Saves Christmas.  That is all.  (VERDICT: BENCH)

Saido Berahino (West Bromwich Albion) - Comes out of nowhere to score big points.  Expect him to be a Nightmare (Not Before, But After) Christmas for Man City.  (VERDICT: PLAY)