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NBA Midweek Report: Week 7.

Some adds/drops from Week 7 in the Fantasy Basketball season...

Melo will never be LeBron, so he'll take it out on Tim HardawayJr...
Melo will never be LeBron, so he'll take it out on Tim HardawayJr...
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It's almost Christmas.

No school, Christmas bonus, get free stuff from people you rarely see.

You're distracted. I get it.

But I haven't given up on your Fantasy Basketball team.

I'm your constant in a world of chaos.

We can hug it out another day, but let's keep you focused first...

Carmelo Anthony

For the real life Knicks, this could actually be a good thing. The 4-20 Knickerbockers need some perspective. In Fantasy however, you'll forgive a Melo owner if he/she is continually spiking the eggnog...

A clear first round pick, Melo is a scoring stud in the thin SF position. You basically can't replace the guy, but if you were fast enough, you picked up...

Tim Hardaway Jr., NY, SG (14% owned in Yahoo leagues)
While rumours say Melo and Hardaway almost scrapped, no way I'm betting against a kid from Baltimore.

While Melo contemplates the universe, consider adding THJ. The first game without Melo, Tim went off for 23 points (including four 3-pointers) on 9/18 shooting. If the Melo injury lingers, there could be great value here...

Cory Joseph, SA, PG (4% owned in Yahoo leagues)

Another young player taking advantage of a vet's injury. Tony Parker has been out for awhile, and Cory Joseph has been excelling in his absence. Check out these numbers over the last 14 days: 9.8 PPG, 49.2 FG%, 3.5 rebounds, 3.1 assists. Certainly not elite numbers, but very relevant for deep leaguers. And definitely Watch List material for 12-teamers. Parker's got a history of injuries, so an extended injury vacation could spell bigger things for Cory Joseph... Don't sell the farm to get this kid, but don't discount him either...


Mason Plumlee, BKN, PF/C (30% owned in Yahoo leagues)

Another example of an injured player (Brook Lopez) opening the door for a younger player. While Mason Plumlee had some of the best advanced stats in the entire NBA last season, it's been a colossal disappointment for "the other Plumlee" this year. Brook's 2nd injury of the season (let's keep track of that growing number) is leading to these kinds of numbers for Mason: 8 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks. That's what he did last game against the Bulls. Don't add him yet, but track this boy...

Zach LaVine, MIN, PG (16% owned in Yahoo leagues)

I've written about Zach before, but with both Rubio and Mo out, he's worth your consideration. He's getting a tonne of minutes right now, and rookies tend to improve as the season progresses... Over the last 14 days, he's scoring 12.8 PPG and getting 4.1 assists/game. He's also shooting .465 from the field, and .850 from the line. This kid is getting better...

Jodie Meeks, DET, SG (15% owned in Yahoo leagues)

Purely speculative, and finally ready to play this season, Meeks is worth a gamble. This is a guy that scored 15.7 PPG and hit 2.1 threes/game last season. I've got him in the "intrigued" section as opposed to "adds" - as the Pistons are a horrible team, and have lots of usage question marks. I don't see Meeks getting lots of touches right away, but what do they really have to lose? Could go either way. I wouldn't give up anything to get him, but watch that first box score closely...

So I'm really up against my Thursday deadline here, but I made it.

This close to Christmas, everything feels weirder.

"Time is an illusion, man."

Who said that?

I did.

Go to sleep. Santa's coming.