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FANTASY BASKETBALL PODCAST: Bobman names updated sleepers.

Fake Teams' staff writer Bobby Del Rio reveals his updated sleeper list for the 2014/15 NBA season.

Don't sleep on Terrence Ross this year.
Don't sleep on Terrence Ross this year.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Paparazzi follow me everywhere I go.

It's annoying.

I've been asked to do a couple podcasts the last couple weeks, so I thought I'd post the first one here: LISTEN.

We recorded Friday, so I updated my sleeper list accordingly. For faithful readers, you'll note my original list. (I've replaced 4 of these guys, so it's worth a listen.)

If anyone needs me, I'll be bathing in chocolate sauce while cuddling with my pet tiger.

That's how I roll these days.