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NBA Midweek Report: Week 5. (Thanksgiving edition)

Special Thanksgiving edition for Week 5 of the Fantasy Basketball season...

Be thankful for Steph Curry this Thanksgiving. He's a boss.
Be thankful for Steph Curry this Thanksgiving. He's a boss.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's U.S. Thanksgiving, and that means it's time to celebrate!

It's getting harder and harder to find things to write about, so I thought I'd prepare a special Thanksgiving version of my Midweek Report!

Instead of going through the league with some adds & drops, I will list 20 things to be thankful for as a Fantasy Basketball owner.

So pop in that turkey, adjust your belt settings to 'fat' and let's give thanks where appropriate...

1. Steph Curry's health.

A couple years ago, Steph Curry looked like a risky Fantasy asset. Today he looks like an option for the #1 overall player in Fantasy Basketball. If you could make the #1 overall Fantasy Basketball pick today, are you telling me you wouldn't seriously consider taking Curry?

2. Kobe's ego.

If you're a Kobe owner, you must be enjoying those counting stat goodies. While Kobe's killing you from the field right now (career low 37.9 FG%), he's pretty great everywhere else... I'd hate to be a Lakers fan right now, but I'd gladly grab Kobe in any Fantasy Basketball league possible...

3. Popovich's youth elixir.

Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker get numbers every single year. Rumour has it that Popovich is actually 382 years old.

4. Donald Sterling is gone.

CP3, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are doing what they do. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

5. Andrew Wiggins' development.

Besieged with injuries, the T-Wolves are giving Wiggins more and more touches. He currently leads all NBA rookies in scoring at 12.6 PPG.

6. Toronto Raptors' bench.

Sneaky waiver wire value this year with Lou Williams, James Johnson and Greivis Vasquez.

7. Jimmy Butler preseason reports.

Like I mentioned here, Jimmy Butler's beasting was very predictable if you paid attention to his monster preseason. You're welcome.

8. Orlando's evolution.

Some very talented young players have emerged on this underrated Magic squad: Nikola Vucevic, Tobias Harris, Victor Oladipo, Evan Fournier. I even like the upside of the raw but talented Elfrid Payton & Aaron Gordon. If you're in a keeper/dynasty, memorize this roster.

9. You don't live in Philly.

Do you really want to watch an 0-15 team play? You likely don't own any of these scrubs anyway, so consider yourself lucky you don't have to witness this nightly train wreck...

10. You don't own either Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook.

And if you do, I'm sorry.

11. You sold high on Kevin Love.

When the trade went down, you knew his Fantasy value was crumbling. Congrats on your trade! (And if you held, you are getting what you deserve.)

12. You held Chris Bosh through the lean years.

You kept Bosh in your keeper league - even though everybody told you not to. You can (rightfully) point and laugh now.

13. You own Anthony Davis.

You lucky bastard.

14. You stayed away from the Phoenix Suns' volatile backcourt this season.

If you heeded my warning here, you didn't roster any Phoenix PGs. While the real life Suns look awesome, they're a Fantasy nightmare. Different guys get numbers every night. While that's great for team success, it sucks for stats success...

15. You have the ability to roster players you hate in real life.

I'm looking at you, DeMarcus Cousins.

16. You stopped believing in Derrick Rose years ago.

That sound you hear is the breaking of Bulls' fans hearts year after year...

17. You have a strict policy of NOT taking NBA rookies in your 1-year league.

Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins have barely produced, everybody else barely plays.

18. You monitor the waiver wire like a boss.

You ended up snagging Evan Fournier, Courtney Lee, Shawne Williams, Gorgui Dieng, Reggie Jackson and Lou Williams this season. Well played.

19. You picked Brandon Knight.

When the Milwaukee point guard debate was Brandon Knight vs Kendall Marshall, you didn't think twice. Paying off big time now...

20. You don't panic.

You've got a trade offer for KD out there, and you're keeping it close in the standings. You're not quite in the playoffs right now, but you know it's a long season. You've got the 2nd half completely mapped out in your mind...

So that's what I got, pimps.

Enjoy your holiday, tune in to some football and take a much-needed mental break away from your Fantasy Basketball team tonight. There are no NBA games being played tonight anyway, so you don't really have a choice...

Recharge, eat like a savage and get back to the grind tomorrow.

I'll be here all season to help you through it.