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Bobman's NBA Compedium: Week 4.

A miscellany of Fantasy Basketball highlights from week 4 in the NBA...

Lou Williams wants to know why I can't find a picture with a Raptors uniform?
Lou Williams wants to know why I can't find a picture with a Raptors uniform?
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

We've hit the wall.

You're looking at your weekly moves/week limit and seeing "0/4".

That's cool. It just means you're doing alright.

At this point in the season, you're probably pretty happy with your squad. Or you're identifying what your team needs are.

Enough time has gone on that you're not completely screwed - or you've resigned yourself to the fact that maybe you are. But baseball is only a few months away...

Well, let's do some maintenance anyway. No real game-changers in the last few days. But let's take a look at the landscape... There still might be a move or 2 available that could be the difference between making the playoffs, and eating an entire tub of ice cream by yourself...


Terrence Jones

Nikola Pekovic

David Lee

James Johnson

Dwight Howard

Carlos Boozer

Taj Gibson

The PGs got hit hard the first couple weeks of the season. Now it appears that bigs are going down to fit in... Throw in Dwyane Wade & Kevin Martin, and it's gotta be one of the worst NBA seasons in recent memory for injuries...

While I usually make sure to include some ADDS in every article I write, I don't have enough confidence in the next few names to be so bold. So I'll change things up a bit...


Nick Young, LAL, SG/SF (61% owned in Yahoo leagues)

In perhaps the worst bench in the entire league, uber-scorer Nick Young injects some life into this horrible team. In his first 2 games back, Young averaged 16.5 PPG. Then the next 2 games he averaged 6.0 PPG. He doesn't do much besides score, but there is modest counting stat potential here. The Lakers are pretty bad, so Young is gonna get major usage.

Nick Young is worth the add if you need some stats at the end of your bench. I think he'll hold some value all year - as there's really nobody else on the Lakers' bench that contributes much... And depending on the length of Carlos Boozer's injury, Young could provide sneaky value. I mean, somebody's gotta score on that horrible team, right?

Lou Williams, TOR, PG/SG (29% owned in Yahoo leagues)

James Johnson's freak injury has opened the door for Sweet Lou to get more touches.

And he hasn't disappointed.

In his last 2 games, Lou went into official beast mode. Check out the numbers: 29.0 PPG, 4.0 3PM, 100 FT% (18/18 from the stripe), 2.5 rebounds/game, 2.0 steals/game.

Now let's be clear: Nobody expects Lou Williams to sustain this production.

But there could be mini Jamal Crawford upside here.

Let's not forget that James Johnson was the Raptors' most impressive 6th man until he went down with an ankle injury. His timetable is ambiguous, and his alpha male style of play will certainly eat into Lou's beasting when he gets back.

With that said, Lou is coming off a major injury himself. He only played 99 games total the last 2 seasons combined, so it's the first time he's been healthy for a LONG time.

He's also in a contract year.

On perhaps the deepest team in the NBA, Lou Williams is going to be a significant piece of the Toronto puzzle for the duration of the season. (And he's certainly earned an extension.) But is he a viable option for a standard, 12-team league?

I'd label him "short-term add" for now, but hope for more...

Harrison Barnes, GS, SF/PF (46% owned in Yahoo leagues)

Everything you need to know about Harrison Barnes' short NBA career can be summed up in an analysis of his last 2 games.

On Friday against Utah, Barnes played almost 40 minutes -- going 14 &11 with a steal and 2 blocks. He followed up that performance last night against OKC by scoring ZERO points. That's right: ZERO. (He did manage 8 rebounds though.)

I'm not ready to get behind this kid, but I gotta mention him.

David Lee has been "day-to-day" for a couple weeks now, Golden State's offense is a Fantasy goldmine, Barnes had college pedigree, yadda yadda yadda...

But Harrison Barnes has just not really been able to take advantage of his considerable opportunities.

There are several signs of a breakout emerging: Career highs in PPG (11.0), FG% (48.9), FT% (81.6), 3PM (1.1) and rebounds/game (5.7).

But then there's also last game's stat line: 0 points, 0/5 shooting, 4 fouls.

Like the other 2 aforementioned swings, Barnes isn't a trusted option in standard leagues just yet. But he's a possible add if you (likely) own one of the many injured players in the NBA right now.

Yahoo Friends and Family league update:

Speaking of players that may/may not sustain their recent success, I thought I'd note that I am currently FIRST PLACE in Yahoo's F & F league. While expecting to hold that position in such a competitive league is unlikely, I thought I'd put this accomplishment in writing. (It's sort of like convincing the hot girl from your accounting class to sign your yearbook. She may have only written "Have a good summer", but you'll look back on that memory fondly...)

While I had intended to write a completely different article today, the barrage of NBA injuries changed the game on me.

In a year of banged up Fantasy Basketball assets, the most prudent course of action may simply be to roster a team of healthy players.

While your competition is reeling in frustration from holding their "sleepers" and "breakouts", it might be best to start adopting a win-now strategy. Even in keepers/dynasties, sometimes it's better to go with the hot hand than the long term beast...

But hey, it's your league.

I'm just the guy in 1st place in an experts league.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.