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NBA Waivers: Week 4

It's Thanksgiving week! That brings two positives, and two negatives. The first positive, FOOD, but that's offset with relatives, who are then made even worse by the lack of Thursday basketball (sad face), but there's finally a decent enough sample to judge who's worth picking up, or dropping.

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The NBA has a real blowout problem. Friday, five out of twelve games ended with a differential of more then 20 points, one of those was the defending champion Spurs against a Wolves team missing four starters, and another was the 6 and 76ers, who no one was watching anyways, but these aren't good for NBA parity, broadcasts, and most importantly, your fantasy team, because the guys on your team get a night of early rest.

Mario Chalmers: The former fourth wheel didn't start the season off so well, but Dwayne Wade have both missed time in the last week to injuries, giving Chalmers more opportunities to handle the ball, which is why his already career high usage rate has gone up half a percent since being given the starting job. Unless you change the shots you take, with increased usage comes decreased efficiency, and Chalmers has done that, but not in a positive way. He's shooting more shots between 16 feet and the three point line then he has in any season since 2011, he's taking less shots then usual from 3-10 feet, and taking a lot less threes (though a higher percent of them are from the corner, which is a higher percentage three), this would all seem to indicate that Chalmers TS% is going to go down once he gets back to his career average FG% (he's having a career year there as well), but because of a free throw rate almost double his career average  (probably because the loss of Lebron made it easier for him to drive to the rim), he's going to be able to continue to score even once his shooting regresses. Pick him up until the return of Wade.

Mirza Teletovic: The Bosnian isn't getting consistent minutes, as he's only playing 25 a game, but his per 36 stats show that he's a great pick up for the occasional Garnett rest day, or the inevitable Brook Lopez injury. Even in only 25 minutes per game, Teletovic is averaging almost 12 points and five rebounds with two threes a game , which would warrant a pickup in deep leagues, or owners in need of threes, but on Saturday against San Antonio, he showed what he could do with minutes, when he scored 22 points, grabbed eight rebounds, and made four threes. If you have a lot of flexibility with your roster, pick him up now, but if not, just wait until Bropez gets injured.

Wilson Chandler: Brian Shaw has struggled with making a decent rotation (see Kenneth, Faried), but Wilson Chandler has actually managed to get consistent playing time, and he's taken advantage, with averages of 12.5 points, 5.7 rebounds, and two threes, but it's the last couple days where Chandler's heaten up, with a 19.33 points, 7.33 rebounds, and 3.66 threes on 51% shooting and only one turnover average over the past three games, Chandler has shown what he can do when on a hot streak, but he has a tough game against the Bulls on Tuesday.

Marreese Speights: In reality, you probably shouldn't pick him up, because David Lee is coming back Friday, but wow, the 27-year-old is finally getting minutes and it's beautiful. The Splash Brother combined for ZERO points in the fourth quarter just because they wanted to show the world that a team led by the great Marreese Speights can win a game. His defense must be terrible, because I don't understand why a guy who has per 36 averages of 17.5 points and 9.8 rebounds isn't a starter, but if David Lee suffers a setback, Speights might have earned himself the starting spot with two 20 point outings in the past three games.