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Fantasy Basketball Week 3: The Best Available Players

After three weeks of play, we already have a pretty decent sample of games as almost an eight of games have already been played, and the fantasy regular season is almost a fifth of the way finished.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If you're reading this, you probably also read my other post this week, but just in case, here's I'm going to link to it anyways. Now that you've read that, we're back to our regularly scheduled programming. By this point in the season, unless there's an injury, it's basically impossible to find an all around player on waivers, but that doesn't mean you can't find specialists who can help your team in however many single categories I can get to before I have to start my homework. Since their were no major injuries this week, I don't really have anyone interesting to talk about, so the focus is guys who have multiple games next week, and have a stat specialty.


Gerald Green: Green had a very surprising year last year, but thus far, he hasn't been able to find consistent minutes. leading him to be very streaky. He's not exactly multi-faceted. as he's basically just points, threes, and  a steal on a good day, but when he's hot, he's gonna score. Despite having a game where he only played eight minutes, and scored no points, Green still averaged 18.3 points, 73 total, which was the most of all players owned in less then 90% of leagues (he's owned in 60%), and had almost three threes per game.I don't know how many minutes Green will get, but the Suns have four games next week, and one's against the Philadelphia D-League Allstars, so he'll get his points.


Manu Ginobili: Any time you want to pick up a Popovic player as a streamer, it's risky because you never know when Pop will choose to give the guys a day off, but there aren't many assists available, so it might be worth the risk. Manu averaged over five assists a game, which isn't much, but it's still something, and he has a games against Philly and Minnesota, so he can get something.


<a class='sbn-auto-link' href=Channing Frye Shot Chart" data-chorus-asset-id="2464088" />

Look at that shot chart, that looks like it should be a guard's shot chart, but no, that's Channing Frye, a center. Frye has always been a great shooting, going back to his days in Phoenix, and this year is no exception. Frye averaged three threes a game last week, and he has four games this week, so he'll hit a lot of threes.

Now I have to go write a four page essay about Flowers for Algernon, so I'm cutting it short this week, but it's better then nothing.