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NBA consolidated rankings: Advanced statistical analysis for individual players.

Advanced stats used to analyze the best players in Fantasy Basketball (regardless of position).

An advanced statistical analysis reveals just how valuable Terrence Jones is...
An advanced statistical analysis reveals just how valuable Terrence Jones is...
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

For my consolidated rankings, I thought I’d do something a little different.

Although it literally required SEVERAL HOURS OF RESEARCH, I thought I'd come up with an advanced statistical analysis for my Top 100. I've ranked each position previously - and given you standard Fantasy Basketball analysis - but I thought I'd create something for the fellow statheads out there.

All of these statistics can be found at the best public basketball stat resource:

If you don't know what the individual stats mean, you're probably best off Googling. But they're not too hard to figure out - once you get the hang of it. As this is already a 13-page document on Microsoft Word, I'll limit my analysis for each player to just a couple sentences...

I wouldn't use this article as a SUBSTITUTE for traditional statistical analysis, but as a SUPPLEMENTARY tool, there are some interesting findings...

1. Kevin Durant, OKC, SF/PF

1st in Win Shares (19.2), #1 USG % (33.0), #1 PER (29.8), #3 true shooting % (.635)

Very clear evidence that Kevin Durant is the best player in basketball.

2. LeBron James, CLE, SF/PF

#2 Win Shares (15.9), #2 PER (29.3), #2 true shooting % (.649)

A clear #2.

3. Anthony Davis, NO, PF/C

#4 PER (26.5), #1 (tied) block % (6.7), #11 offensive rating (118.9)

He's got the #4 PER in the league in his SOPHOMORE season? There is a very real possibility Anthony Davis is at the top of this list next year...

4. Chris Paul, LAC, PG

#6 PER (25.9), #2 Win Shares per 48 (.270), #2 offensive rating (124.6), #1 assist % (48.9)

It was tough choosing between AD and CP3 for the #3 spot - as they are very different players - but Chris Paul is clearly one of the best players in the NBA... And easily the best PG.

5. Steph Curry, GSW, PG/SG

#6 true shooting % (.610), #8 PER (24.1), #9 effective FG % (.566), #4 assist % (39.9), #4 Win Shares (13.4)

Steph Curry's ankle problems seem to be behind him, as he's entering elite territory in the NBA. Clearly one of the best shooters, but becoming one of the best PLAYERS period...

6. James Harden, HOU, SG/SF

#5 true shooting % (.618), #11 PER (23.5), #5 Win Shares (12.8)

Pretty amazing that he is such an efficient scorer with so much defensive pressure on him. A true offensive beast...

7. Carmelo Anthony, NY, SF/PF

#7 PER (24.4), #3 USG % (32.4), #10 offensive Win Shares (8.1)

Melo can't play D, but he sure can play O.

8. Russell Westbrook, OKC, PG

Didn't qualify last year, but his PER (24.7), USG % (34.4) and assist % (40.2) would be among the best in the NBA.

9. LaMarcus Aldridge, POR, PF/C

#5 USG % (29.8), #15 PER (21.8)

His numbers would be lower if he didn't dominate the ball in his offense to such a degree, but there are no signs of LA's offense slowing down...

10. John Wall, WAS, PG

#3 assist % (40.5), #13 steal % (2.6)

My ranking might be a bit high, but I predict overall stat increases across the board as John Wall starts to put his injuries further and further behind him...

11. DeMarcus Cousins, SAC, PF/C

#5 PER (26.1), #1 defensive reb % (30.5), #2 USG % (32.7)

I really dislike Cousins as a human being, but his numbers are elite. A more mature Cousins is becoming one of the best players in Fantasy Basketball...

12. Al Jefferson, CHA, PF/C

#12 PER (22.7), #5 defensive reb % (28.3), #6 USG % (29.3), #7 defensive Win Shares (4.7)

I believe Al Jefferson is still underrated. Most managers don't realize how efficient this man is...

13. Serge Ibaka, OKC, PF/C

#1 (tied) block % (6.7), #11 defensive Win Shares (4.4), #18 defensive rating (101.5)

Ibaka's defense wins games. And it could win your league too.

14. Kyle Lowry, TOR, PG

#9 assist % (34.7), #15 offensive rating (118.2), #8 Win Shares (11.7)

Kyle Lowry is simply becoming one of the best offensive players in the entire NBA. His numbers could even INCREASE this year...

15. Damian Lillard, POR, PG

#12 offensive Win Shares (7.8)

He could take USG % away from Aldridge this year. Still so young (24)...

16. Dirk Nowitzki, DAL, PF/C

#10 PER (23.6), #10 true shooting % (.603), #10 offensive rating (119.7), #7 offensive Win Shares (8.6)

The only reason Dirk gets ranked so low is his age. There is a case for ranking him higher...

17. Chris Bosh, MIA, PF/C

#15 true shooting % (.597), #17 effective FG % (.555)

Will Chris Bosh still remain one of the best shooters in the NBA with no LeBron?

18. Kyrie Irving, CLE, PG/SG

#15 assist % (31.6), #11 USG % (28.2)

Yet another player whose Fantasy value has been completely altered by The King.

19. Blake Griffin, LAC, PF/C

#9 PER (23.9), #7 USG % (29.0), #6 Win Shares (12.2)

Very efficient scorer. If only he blocked shots...

20. Kevin Love, CLE, PF/C

#3 PER (26.9), #3 defensive reb % (29.5), #8 USG % (28.8), #3 offensive Win Shares (10.6)

Kevin Love was the model of efficiency on the T-Wolves. But he was also #8 in the NBA in usage. That's going to change this year... His numbers are absolutely elite though. I'm prepared to move him up 10 spots if he proves he can coexist with LeBron.

21. Dwyane Wade, MIA, PG/SG

#14 PER (22.0), #13 USG % (27.9)

Still efficient, and gets lots of touches. Can he stay healthy?

22. Kobe Bryant, LAL, SG

Injured most of last season, but career USG % is 31.8 and career PER is 23.4. These stats are among the highest in the game.

23. Al Horford, ATL, PF/C

Injured most of last year, but block % was 3.6, true shooting % was .588, USG % was 24.7. These numbers would put him in the top 25 or so in the NBA...

24. Goran Dragic, PHX, PG/SG

#16 PER (21.4), #9 true shooting % (.604), #13 effective FG % (.561), #13 offensive rating (118.7), #9 offensive Win Shares (8.4)

I have ranked Dragic lower - due to a limited statistical track record. If he repeats the numbers above though, we could be looking at a first round Fantasy Basketball talent here.

25. Nicolas Batum, POR, SG/SF

#19 effective FG % (.554)

One of the most efficient scorers in the NBA...

26. Paul Millsap, ATL, PF/C

#10 steal % (2.6)

Still got those quick hands - to go with everything else...

27. Derrick Rose, CHI, PG

Having averaged a USG % of 31.4 the last 3 seasons, D-Rose (if healthy) will be among the league leaders in the NBA in usage.

28. Kawhi Leonard, SA, SG/SF

#11 true shooting % (.603), #7 effective FG % (.576), #3 steal % (3.0), #7 defensive rating (98.2), #11 Win Shares/48 (.193)

I don't trust swings in Popovich's system, but all those open looks lead to a great stat line. His defensive efficiency is also among the best in the NBA. Kawhi could be here to stay. If that happens, he's getting bumped way up moving forward...

29. Joakim Noah, CHI, PF/C

#18 defensive reb % (24.5), #15 total reb % (18.2), #20 block % (3.3), #1 defensive rating (95.8), #1 defensive Win Shares (6.6)

Probably the best defensive player in the NBA.

30. Dwight Howard, HOU, PF/C

#18 PER (21.3), #4 effective FG % (.593), #5 total reb % (20.1), #11 block % (4.0), #16 defensive Win Shares (4.1)

Still a highly effective player on both ends of the floor. His FT problems are well-trodden territory.

31. Andre Drummond, DET, PF/C

#13 PER (22.6), #2 effective FG % (.623), #1 offensive reb % (17.5), #10 block % (4.0), #4 offensive rating (121.2)

We're looking at one of the most efficient scorers in the NBA here. He's also the best offensive rebounder, and one of the best shot blockers. If Drummond gets more usage, he's heading to the first round...

32. Rajon Rondo, BOS, PG

Career steal % of 3.0, career assist % of 41.3. Both among the highest in the game.

33. Brook Lopez, BKN, C

In limited games last season, Brook's offensive rating was 121. That would have been #4 in the NBA. His true shooting % was .629, #5 in the NBA (if he qualified). Place your bets on his health...

34. Ty Lawson, DEN, PG

#5 assist % (38.2)

Has become one of the most reliable PGs in the game.

35. Mike Conley, MEM, PG

#19 assist % (30.1), #20 steal % (2.4), #19 offensive Win Shares (5.5)

Underrated and multifaceted, Conley is a great pick.

36. Deron Williams, BKN, PG

Career assist % of 41.2, elite numbers. His career offensive rating of 113 is solidly about a top-30 performer in the league.

37. Rudy Gay, SAC, SF/PF

#16 USG % (27.6)

Lots of usage with little to show for it. These are the kinds of players I hate.

38. Ryan Anderson, NO, PF/C

In limited action last season, Ryan's offensive rating was 120. That would be #8 in the NBA. What is his role?

39. Marc Gasol, MEM, C

Last year's defensive rating of 102 put him just outside the top 20. His block % of 3.2 also put him just outside the top 20 in the NBA.

40. Deandre Jordan, LAC, C

#1 effective FG % (.676), #2 total reb % (21.6), #4 block % (5.4), #3 defensive Win Shares (5.8)

I ranked DJ lower - as he's not the focal point of the offense. We're talking about the most efficient scorer in the NBA though. And one of the best rebounders. With more touches, he should be an NBA superstar...

41. Tim Duncan, SA, PF/C

#17 PER (21.3), #6 defensive reb % (28.3), #8 block % (4.6), #4 defensive rating (97.6), #9 defensive Win Shares (4.6)

Still so impressive (and productive). The age is a concern, but he's still got an MVP presence.

42. Klay Thompson, GSW, SG/SF

#20 turnover % (9.2)

The only advanced stat Klay cracked the top 20 with was turnovers. Says a lot...

43. Jrue Holiday, NO, PG

In limited action last season, Jrue ‘s assist % was 38.9, top 5 in the NBA.

44. Eric Bledsoe, PHX, PG/SG

Last year, Bledsoe had a true shooting % of .578, PER of 19.6. Both numbers would put him just outside the top 20 in the NBA. Will he get the same opportunity to succeed in deep Phoenix?

45. Nikola Vucevic, ORL, PF/C

#7 total reb % (19.5)

One of the best rebounders in the NBA. It's his best chance at keeping his job in a franchise rebuild...

46. Monta Ellis, DAL, PG/SG

Monta's USG % last season was 26.0, just outside the top 20.

47. Kemba Walker, CHA, PG

#20 assist % (29.7)

He's got efficiency problems, but he can pass the ball...

48. Bradley Beal, WAS, SG

USG % increased to 24.3 his second season from 22.2 his rookie season. He is approaching the leaders in the NBA in this category.

49. Ricky Rubio, MIN, PG

#6 assist % (37.8), #1 steal % (3.6)

He can't shoot, but he's still a very useful multi-cat player in Fantasy Basketball.

50. Thaddeus Young, MIN, SF/PF

#4 steal % (3.0)

How much will Thaddeus get a chance to dominate the ball? He will get his steals though...

51. Chandler Parsons, DAL, SF/PF

Offensive rating of 114 put him just outside the top 20 last season. His effective FG % was .538, also just outside the top 20. With increased defensive attention, will he be able to keep up his efficiency?

52. Jabari Parker, MIL, SF

No track record. Purely speculative.

53. Andrew Wiggins, MIN, SF

No track record. Purely speculative.

54. Wes Matthews, POR, SG/SF

#17 turnover % (8.8), #14 offensive rating (118.4), #17 offensive Win Shares

His offensive skills are enhanced by his low turnover rate. Very efficient player.

55. Victor Oladipo, ORL, PG/SG

#9 steal % (2.7)

Lots of steals, and loads of upside...

56. Tony Parker, SA, PG

#14 assist % (31.7)

Still one of the top PGs in the NBA. Popovich's players don't age. Some sort of machine has clearly been invented in San Antonio...

57. Jeff Teague, ATL, PG

#8 assist % (35.1)

Sneaky player is one of the most efficient passers in the NBA.

58. DeMar DeRozan, TOR, SG/SF

#12 USG % (28.0), #18 offensive Win Shares (5.8)

Underrated, and gets better every year...

59. Pau Gasol, CHI, PF/C

#13 defensive reb % (25.9), #17 block % (3.5)

Reduced role for Gasol coming on the Bulls, but he's still a fantastic defensive player... Will fit right in.

60. David Lee, GSW, PF/C

His rebounding %s were considerably lower than his career averages. Even as his USG % increased to 24.3. This is a player in decline...

61. Gordon Hayward, UTA, SG/SF

Career high in USG %, yet career lows in true shooting %, effective field goal % and offensive rating. Not what you want to see...

62. Jimmy Butler, CHI, SG/SF

#11 steal % (2.6), #13 defensive rating (100.4), #8 defensive Win Shares (4.6)

Efficiency problems, but underrated in the defensive cats.

63. David West, IND, PF

#10 defensive rating (98.6), #4 defensive Win Shares (5.0)

I think David West's defensive prowess is inflated here. After all, 4 of the top 6 league leaders in defensive Win Shares were Indiana Pacers. The absence of Paul George will reveal a lot...

64. Michael Carter-Williams, PHI, PG

#18 assist % (30.2), #12 steal % (2.6)

Can't shoot, but counting stat beast... Role will increase significantly this year...

65. Isaiah Thomas, PHX, PG

#20 PER (20.5), #12 assist % (32.2), #15 offensive Win Shares (6.4)

Yet another fantastic PG on Phoenix. How will this all play out?

66. Trevor Ariza, HOU, SG/SF

#12 effective FG % (.562)

Do you believe Trevor Ariza is one of the most efficient shooters in the NBA? I don't either.

67. Derrick Favors, UTA, PF/C

#12 block % (3.8)

The athleticism is there. But can he play?

68. Kenneth Faried, DEN, PF

#9 offensive reb % (11.8)

Had a great summer. Will it carry over?

69. Marcin Gortat, WAS, C

#15 defensive reb % (25.1), #13 block % (3.8), #18 defensive Win Shares (4.0)

He's still a highly valuable defensive player on a strong team. But when does the decline start? He's 30 now.

70. Nerlens Noel, PHI, PF/C

No track record. Purely speculative.

71. Larry Sanders, MIL, PF/C

This ranking is mostly based on his 2012/13 block % of 6.7 - which led the NBA. A healthy (mentally and physically) Larry Sanders could lead the NBA in blocks this year...

72. Josh Smith, DET, SF/PF

Basically had career lows in every single category across the board... Could go either way...

73. Kevin Martin, MIN, SG/SF

#11 turnover % (8.3)

Surprisingly, K-Mart is one of the best players in the NBA at holding onto the ball. Underrated skill.

74. Luol Deng, MIA, SF/PF

Luol Deng is not near the top of any advanced statistic. At age 29, he's looking less and less like a quality Fantasy Basketball option... Still, there's opportunity in Miami now...

75. Lance Stephenson, CHA, SG/SF

#14 defensive rating (100.8), #6 defensive Win Shares (4.8)

Last year's Pacers are fascinating to analyze. Were they playing in an ideal defensive system, or did the players themselves elevate the D? I'm not sold on Lance Stephenson this year, but we'll see if he's for real or not...

76. Zach Randolph, MEM, PF/C

#11 offensive reb % (11.6)

Still gets boards. It's kept him in the league...

77. Tyreke Evans, NO, SG/SF

#16 assist % (30.4), #19 USG % (27.1)

Overrated. Anybody know why Tyreke gets so much usage?

78. Nikola Pekovic, MIN, C

#19 PER (20.7), #6 offensive reb % (13.1), #17 offensive rating (117.4)

After some injury problems last year, Pekovic was still highly efficient and productive. He could be a sleeper this year.

79. Kyle Korver, ATL, SG/SF

#1 true shooting % (.653), #16 offensive rating (117.6)

He's still an effective role player, and probably the best shooter in the NBA.

80. Robin Lopez, POR, C

#8 true shooting % (.605), #4 offensive reb % (13.6), #14 block % (3.7), #1 offensive rating (128.1), #14 offensive Win Shares (7.0)

Breakout or fluke year? I'm betting on the latter.

81. Jose Calderon, NY, PG

#17 true shooting % (.596), #5 effective FG % (.584), #7 offensive rating (120.1), #20 offensive Win Shares (5.4)

Jose is still one of the most efficient offensive players in the NBA.

82. Brandon Jennings, DET, PG

#10 assist % (34.4)

He can't shoot, but at least he can pass...

83. Paul Pierce, WAS, SF/PF

#18 true shooting % (.595)

Still one of the most efficient scorers in the NBA...

84. Joe Johnson, BKN, SG/SF

True shooting % of .564, effective FG % of .533 and offensive rating of 110 puts him close to the league leaders in the NBA in all 3 categories. Even at age 33, JJ is still one of the premier shooters in the NBA.

85. Jamal Crawford, LAC, PG/SG

#18 USG % (27.2)

Pretty amazing that Jamal Crawford comes off the bench, yet still is #18 in the NBA in usage.

86. Andre Iguodala, GSW, SG/SF

Just outside the top 20 in a few key stats: total shooting % (.570), effective FG % (.548), steal % (2.3) and offensive rating of 113. The other AI is still a highly efficient player, but at the lowest USG % (13.3) since his rookie year, Iguodala is becoming less and less relevant to Fantasy Basketball...

87. Anderson Varejao, CLE, PF/C

#6 total reb % (19.6)

This man is a big reason why I think K-Love's rebounding numbers are going down...

88. Trey Burke, UTA, PG

While his efficiency stats were low across the board, his assist % was just outside the top 20 at 29.4. His USG % as a rookie was very high at 21.8, so presumably Trey Burke's roles (and subsequent counting stats) should increase in his sophomore season... He could also enter the upper echelon of passers this year...

89. George Hill, IND, PG/SG

#19 defensive rating (101.6), #20 defensive Win Shares (4.0)

Someone's gonna get numbers with Paul George out. Is the other George the big winner here?

90. Darren Collison, SAC, PG

True shooting % of .575 puts him just outside the top 20. Also had an impressive offensive rating of 113. While his assist % was a career low 21.9, Collison has the potential to put up numbers if his usage increases...

91. Eric Gordon, NO, SG

All of Gordon's advanced stats are noticeably lower than a few years ago. At age 25, it's hard to write off a player with such a track record, but it could be a make-or-break year for Eric Gordon...

92. Manu Ginobili, SA, SG/SF

#17 Win Shares/48 (.176)

Manu's a winner. The guy could score from a wheelchair. He might have to.

93. Greg Monroe, DET, PF/C

Monroe is experiencing declines in every single advanced stat across the board. I believe the presence of Drummond is having a psychological effect on Monroe. Even with less usage, he should still be able to maintain efficiency stats at the age of 24.

94. Jonas Valanciunas, TOR, C

#14 total reb % (18.2)

One of the best rebounders in the NBA. 22 years old. Good combination.

95. Patrick Beverley, HOU, PG/SG

Excellent offensive rating of 115 and steal % of 2.2, Beverley is just outside the top 20 in both cats. Could be a sleeper.

96. Terrence Jones, HOU, SF/PF

#11 effective FG % (.564), #16 block % (3.5), #8 turnover % (8.2), #12 offensive rating (118.8)

This is a superstar in waiting. The low turnover rate is also impressive for a player so young.

97. John Henson, MIL, PF/C

#6 block % (5.1)

One of the best shot blockers in the NBA has to compete against Larry Sanders now.

98. Roy Hibbert, IND, C

#3 block % (5.7), #6 defensive rating (98.2), #5 defensive Win Shares (5.0)

Still a dominant defensive player. But can he score efficiently?

99. Arron Afflalo, DEN, SG/SF

True shooting % of .574 and effective FG % of .522, Afflalo was just outside the top 20 in these cats. A very efficient scorer, Afflalo's usage will dictate his Fantasy value this year...

100 Channing Frye, ORL, PF/C

Effective FG % of .535 puts him just outside the top 20. Excellent offensive rating of 111. Channing Frye can still produce if put in the right situation.

So there is an advanced statistical analysis of the best 100 Fantasy Basketball players in the league. Preseason will likely shift things around, and then there's always the actual games. But as an advanced stat primer (or reminder), this document should give you a head start in your Fantasy Basketball league...

Just don't ask me to do that again for a year. That took DAYS...