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On The Waiver Wire - Top Adds For Week Nine

Brad Coustan takes his weekly trip down waiver lane to find the diamonds in the rough that will help you in the homestretch of the 2014 fantasy season.

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Last week we went to the waiver wire cautiously employing the War Games theme of "Sometimes the best move is no move at all."  This week we are going into the pool with both feet (even if there is a Baby Ruth bar at the bottom) because I believe there are some difference makers for the rest of the season.  Weeks like this are the reason we look to save our FAAB money or waiver wire position in previous weeks by not making hasty moves.  Let's walk down the waiver wire, shall we?


Charles Sims, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6% owned in Yahoo! leagues)

The Bucs running game has been a disaster this season.  Doug Martin is obviously NOT the Doug Martin everyone thought he was.  I warned you about him pre season. Most of his big year in 2012 came in two games.  Enter Charles Sims, who comes off the IR in time to grab the reins in the backfield for Lovie Smith and crew.  As Evan Silva from Rotoworld has been saying, Sims was drafted by Lovie's regime.  Martin and Rainey were not.  Do the math and it adds up to opportunity for Charles Sims.  He is my number one add this week so much so that I added him to the majority of my teams last week.

Lorenzo Taliaferro, Baltimore Ravens (9%)

Taliaferro did not get the bulk of the RB carries for the Ravens last week but he is now the #2 RB in Baltimore behind Justin Forsett who is just that - Justin Forsett.  When given the opportunity, Taliaferro has made the most of it.  In weeks 3 and 4 he put up lines of 18-91-1 and 15-58-1.  He is the goal line back in Baltimore and I look for him to get more opportunity coming off a 7-27-2 line last week in which he also caught 2 balls for 42 yards.

Jonas Gray, New England Patriots (6%)

I can't believe I am recommending a Patriots RB after my unhealthy obsession with Stevan Ridley ended mercifully with an injury this season but if you are looking for a Ridley replacement - my condolences to you if you are - Gray is the guy.  When New England goes to the pound it out ground game, Gray takes over the Ridley role.  He put up a 17-86 line last week against the Bears good for 5.1 YPC.  This add is only for the faint of heart.  I don't recommend him but if you are desperate for an RB given all of the injury and underperformance at the position you could do worse.


Allen Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars (23%)

Should I just cut and paste last week's waiver wire article here?  I will keep doing it until he is more than 50% owned.  I am telling you this guys is PPR Gold, Jerry.  GOLD!  I told you last week the touchdowns would come and they did as he put up a 5-82-1 line.  That's two weeks in a row with a TD.

Martavius Bryant, Pittsburgh Steelers (7%)

Who doesn't like a big (6'4") WR that can go up and grab jump balls in the end zone?  The Steelers finally unleashed Martavius Bryant last week and it was beautiful.  In the last two weeks he put up 7-123-3.  That's 3 TDs in the last two weeks.  Go grab yourself some Martavius Bryant.  You'll be glad you did.

John Brown, Arizona Cardinals (10%)

You can't teach speed and John Brown has a TON of it.  Normally I wouldn't recommend picking up a WR who is his teams third (Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd) or fourth (Andre Ellington) option BUT - the Cardinals throw it a ton for Bruce Arians AND - his ability to get behind the secondary last week has me drooling over this week's matchup with the Dallas Cowboys as I watched DeSean Jackson get behind the Dallas secondary more than once last night.


Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings (30%)

Coming back in week 11 to help your playoff run he is one of the preseason darlings who suffered an injury early on.  Given the lack of quality TEs, if I am headed for the playoffs I would look to add Rudy where I have room.

Zach Mettenberger, Tennessee Titans (2%)

Passed for almost 300 yards (299) in his debut, he likes to sling it and he has good receivers around him.  If you don't have a backup QB for a bye replacement or you are in a 2 QB league, Zach fits very nicely in those roles.  Note:  He IS ON A BYE THIS WEEK.

This week on the waiver wire we have some difference makers.  It is time to hop in the pool.  If you are 3-5 and looking from the outside in it is time to make a bold move.  Likewise if you are 6-2 and looking like a playoff team it is time to solidify your team for the playoff run.  As always, leave your comments below or hit me on Twitter @iambradstrong. Good luck this week.  I hope you all crush it!