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Misconceptions Week 8: Long Live DeMarco!

Lot of nonsense being thrown around. Lets get into what you should be ignoring and paying attention to!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I was having lunch the other day when I heard some people around me talking about fantasy football. A great lunchtime conversation topic, I threw up a nice big smile knowing all was well in the world. But then I heard this.

"I mean I heard Dallas wants DeMarco Murray to get less than 30 carries a game. I'm worried."

Oh boy. You guys need this article more than ever. Lets get into what absurd theories you're listening to and shouldn't be.

And since we were already on the topic...

Theory 1: DeMarco Murray isn't a safe play against Washington this week

No. Why. No. Stop it.

9/10 fantasy owners (unofficial statistics), lose their leagues outsmarting themselves. If you lucked into DeMarco Murray (and you did luck into him. No one saw this coming), you have a winning lottery ticket each week so just keep cashing it in. There's a group of players that are automatic starts no matter the matchup. Your Peyton Manning and Chad Johnson types. Each year there's a player that vaults himself into that elite level and this year that player is Murray.

Conclusion: Don't buy it. He's an automatic play every single week even if the Cowboys are playing 11 on 22. Long Live DeMarco!!!

Theory 2: Tre Mason is about to break out the second half of the season

A lot of pundits are extremely optimistic about Mason being an emerging star over the second half of this season for the Rams.

Hold your horses. The performance against Seattle last week certainly was impressive but there are a couple of factors to keep in mind going forward. For starters Benny Cunningham will almost certainly vulture any short yardage touchdowns for St. Louis. Moreover lets not blow the Seattle performance out of proportion. The Seahawks of 2014 are almost certainly not "those" Seahawks. Something's missing defensively. Lastly Jeff Fisher and his staff seem to be taking the running back depth chart one week at a time, so one poor performance (presumably this week against a stingy Kansas City defense), and Mason's #2 again.

Conclusion: Tre Mason is a talented rookie but just don't expect him to be your top free agent acquisition of the year.

For my last theory I thought about discussing Steven Jackson or some other individual like that who was probably drafted in the mid rounds for you but really has no business being on your roster (Steven Jackson's a mediocre vulture who hasn't topped 60 yards this season). But instead lets go back to this idea of cutting your losses. We're eight weeks into the season this year. If he hasn't turned it on now he's not going to. I beg of you to get rid of your waste: Steven Jackson, Andre Williams, Toby Gerhart, etc.

So do that. Enjoy your tinkering. And best of luck in this week's match ups!