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On The Waiver Wire: Top Adds for Week Eight

Brad Coustan takes you through the waiver wire for a look at week eight's top adds. Will it be a week to look back on as the week YOU won your fantasy league because you picked up 2014's Zac Stacy?

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

I have spent the better part of the past month and a half recuperating from a medical procedure.  During this time, my wife and kids and I have watched a lot of movies.  A LOT OF MOVIES!  We are introducing the kids (ages 12 and 10) to some of our favorite classics.  We have watched Caddyshack with them.  The Breakfast Club was a favorite of my son.  I tortured my daughter with The Godfather.  We have watched some Woody Allen movies.  My wife's pick was City Slickers.  Can't Buy Me Love, Just One of The Guys, Sixteen Candles and National Lampoon's Vacation were among some of the others.  Last weekend we viewed My Cousin Vinny.  After searching for next weekend's cinematic pleasure, I came across the movie War Games, where the basic lesson of the movie is - sometimes the best move is NO MOVE AT ALL.  Remember as the computer Joshua learns he comes up with the iconic "The only winning move is not to play" line.  This is week eight's waiver wire in a nutshell.  Some high risk, high reward options that might be better left for your opponents to spend their FAAB money on.  Sometimes the move is to wait for a better option. If you are .500 and in danger of slipping out of the playoff picture - now is the time to make a bold move.  Here then, are your waiver wire adds for week eight:


Tre Mason, ST. LOUIS RAMS (16% owned in Yahoo! leagues)

Mason has clearly established himself as the dynamic option in the Rams backfield.  This is a similar storyline to Zac Stacy one year ago as he emerged mid season to lead owners to fantasy championships.  Mason should be the number one waiver add this week according to consensus but I will buck the trend on him.  I don't like his weakness in pass protection and I am concerned about the fumble with the game on the line last week against Seattle.  I would look to add Mason but not at the expense of the next two RBs below.

Denard Robinson, JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (9%)

"Shoelace" was named a surprise starter by coach Gus Bradley shortly before kickoff on Sunday and he responded with a 22/127/1 line for his team.  He was able to do what no other Jaguar RB has been able to do all season.  He actually ran behind that disgraceful offensive line!  I had Robinson stashed on my bench in one league last year, intending to use him as a keeper and then we switched to an auction format and got rid of keepers for a year in transition.  He has talent and now he has the rock as the Jags #1 RB.

Bryce Brown, Anthony Dixon, BUFFALO BILLS (6% and 4% respectively)

Dixon carried 13 times for 51 yards after both Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller were carted off the field last week but that was only because Brown was a healthy scratch, as he has been all year, because he doesn't play special teams.  Which back do I like better?  Take a look at one of my preview columns from before the season began:  "I am willing to take a shot in the late rounds that Bryce gets the RB1 opportunity in the second half of the season."  OK, OK ... so I needed an injury to make that bold statement come through.  I just think that the talent is there for Brown.  He just needs to protect the football.


Doug Baldwin, SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (23%)

I make it a habit to avoid situations where the outcome is murky.  The Seattle pass game is murky in the fact that Russell Wilson likes to spread the ball around.  For fantasy football purposes, this is not good.  However, it is hard to ignore Baldwin's 7/123/1 line last week.  If anyone emerges out of the Percy Harvin trade debacle it should be Baldwin.  With Seattle's coaching staff not feeling as if they have to manufacture touches for Harvin, that should open up targets for everyone else.  Baldwin had 11 targets on Sunday.  I am not rushing to pick him up ... but I am watching closely.

Odell Beckham, Jr. NEW YORK GIANTS (50%)

As Mickey said in Rocky II after Adrian told Rocky to "WIN" in the hospital scene, "Well?  WHADAREWE WAITIN' FOR?"  My goodness did you see those hands?  If you get a chance, look back at the tape for the grab he made while lying down out of bounds.  Didn't count but MY GOODNESS DID YOU SEE THOSE HANDS?

Allen Robinson, JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (15%)

Two Jaguars in one column?  Have I gone mad?  Possibly but if you can put up a 4/60/1 line as your RB is gaining 127 yards I have to look at you!  Look at Robinson since week 2:  4/75/0, 7/79/0, 5/38/0, 5/51/0, 8/68/0, 4/61/1.  That is PPR gold!  He has been targeted 50 times in the last six weeks.  The touchdowns will come.  The touchdowns will come.


Gavin Escobar (1%), Davante Adams (13%), Jonas Gray (1%)

That's the waiver wire for this week.  Not much out there to choose from.  However, if you need to make a bold move these are the guys to target.  For me?  I will put a little money on Shoelace and I will try to restash Bryce Brown.  All these guys are flawed in some particular way.  Remember Joshua - sometimes the best move is no move at all.

Please leave me a comment below or hit me on Twitter @iambradstrong.  Good luck in week 8.  I hope you all crush it!